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Kukri Knives

Kukri Knives

The Kukri is a Nepalese knife used by the Gurkhas. The name of these knives can be spelt and pronounced numerous ways. The most common names are Kukri, and Khukuri. The Kukri design is centuries old with the blades typically between 12 to 15 inches long. Most Kukri knives have a notch at the base of the blade near the handle. This notch is called the cho or kaudi. Our new-style modern kukri does not have this. For hundreds of years, the kukri knife has been carried into battle as well as carried for work and harvest around the world. The Kukri flat ground blade forms a "V"shaped cross section and places its edge at an angle to a target, creating a powerful shearing effect. The Kukri will out-chop any factory or handmade knives, including swords twice its size.

Kukri Knives

SKU: SZ901119BR
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List price: $44.95
Our price: $26.95
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Fancy Gurkha Service Kukri
SKU: SZ210984
Fancy Gurkha Service Kukri
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List price: $23.00
Our price: $18.00
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Stainless Kukri Knife
SKU: SZ203247
Stainless Kukri Knife
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List price: $27.95
Our price: $17.95
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Zombie Killer Kukri Green
SKU: SZ926852-GN
Zombie Killer Kukri Green
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List price: $28.59
Our price: $17.99
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