Lock Picking For The New Millennium DVD
Do you want an action packed, no frills video filled with the most up-to-date information about locks and security available? Then look no further. This Lock Picking For the New Millennium promises to blow the competition out of the water. Ever wonder how secure your house is? Curious how high security locks can be opened in seconds? Interested in locks? Then this video is for you. The close-up ...
Part No: LPNM
Secrets of Lock Picking
We highly recommend this book, to both the experienced as well as the novice lock picker. It explains the concept of locks, the tools needed and a breakdown of virtually all locks on the market today. It is easy to read and is loaded with pictures and diagrams designed with the layman in mind. I spent 20 minutes and read the first two chapters and was able to pick my front door in about 30 ...
Part No: LO38
Expert Lock Picking DVD
State-of-the-Art Lock Picking Secrets Let one of the best lock pickers in the business demonstrate the fastest ways to open locks. Special see-through locks show how picks, rakes, snap guns and electronic picks exploit the weaknesses of everything from simple wafers to complex pin tumblers. This video is a must for professional locksmiths. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 60 min. ...
Part No: LPV
Easy Pickings Beginners Guide To Lock Picking
Easy Pickings is a self teaching manual in the technique of lock picking. Covered in this booklet are the basic types of locks and an overview of different picking methods. Also covered are a wide variety of tools and other picking devices.This is THE most simple to understand beginners guide on the market.great for students of the trade! Fully Illustrated- ...
Part No: EPB
Visual Guide to Lock Picking
The Visual Guide to Lock Picking has been the definitive guide for learning the art of lock picking. The Third Edition updates all of the illustrations with new, high quality, computer graphics. Over 100 new pages have been added. Inside, you will find interesting material and lock picking how-to for pin tumblers, warded locks, wafer locks, tubular locks, combination padlocks, and lever locks. ...
Part No: VGLP
Tubular Pick Book
For the first time, a manual on the 3 most popular tubular locks that are used on vending machines, coin operated washers and dryers, coin changers and burglar alarms. Internal construction is fully covered as well as how to open the locks by drilling and by impressioning. Softcover, 51/2 inch x 81/2 inch , 40 pages, illus. ...
Part No: TPB
Lock Picking Basics
This book makes learning the art of lock picking fun and easy. You don feet t have to waste your time guessing how it feet s done. Now, you can get accurate information that the professionals use. Their secrets have finally been revealed. Lock Picking Basics is our lowest priced pick book. It covers tips and techniques that you can use even if you already know how to pick. ...
Part No: LPBA
by John Minnery (Lock Picking for Spies, Cops and Locksmiths) This book tells how pick guns work and how to use them and traces their development from their inception to the revolutionary devices of today. Included are the original patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as well as info on pick guns used by the FBI and intelligence agencies. Photos depict improvised devices made out ...
Part No: PGB
Visual Guide to Lock Picking DVD
The Visual Guide to Lock Picking is the definitive guide to learning the art of picking locks. This dvd explains several types of locks and lock picking techniques. Modern computer graphics and animations allow for cutaway views that were never before possible. This dvd not only makes lock picking possible, but clearly shows you how, so that you can get started today! Quickly learn the secrets ...
Part No: VGLPD