Combat Knife Throwing The Video DVD
The motto of Ralph Thorn feet s school of combat knife throwing is Any knife, any angle, any position; no games, no gimmicks, no limits. inches In this groundbreaking video production from Paladin Press, he proves it, teaching you a truly combative style of weapons throwing that isn feet t based on figuring out exact distances and numbers of spins and half-spins. In fact, Thorn has mastered a ...
Combat Knife Throwing
A New Approach To Knife Throwing And Knife Fighting, Revised And Updated by Ralph Thorn Conventional wisdom among knife-fighting experts has it that knife throwing is a pursuit best left to circus performers, hillbilly theme park workers and hobbyists, and that it is useless for combat. In this update to his groundbreaking book, Ralph Thorn incorporates the very latest developments in equipment, ...
Part No: CKT
The Complete Knife Throwing Guide By
This is the 3rd edition of Gil Hibben feet s throwing techniques. It is a comprehensive guide includes tips on choosing a throwing knife, building targets, and throwing from any distance. 56-page book in full color, includes Hibben biography. ...
Part No: UC882
Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Fun-DVD
I really liked this DVD. It explained knife throwing in simple easy to understand concepts and it was fun to watch. Probably the best knife throwing video on the market under 22 bucks. From The Back Cover. Renowned knife thrower Michael Pearl tells all in this new fun-to-watch DVD produced by Pearl Outdoors. In this video Michael clearly covers all the bases for knife throwing. You will learn how ...
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