Key Chain Alarm
Our key chain alarm is small, compact, easy to carry and conceal anywhere. Should you need to draw attention to yourself if attacked, or possibly a medical emergency, just press the panic button and the key chain alarm will emit an ear piercing 118 decibel scream that is guaranteed to attract attention! This unique compact alarm has two functioning modes : 1) By slightly pressing the alarm button, ...
Part No: KCF
Keychain Pocket Whistle by Alarm
You don't even have to blow the electronic Keychain Pocket Whistle.just push a button. Emits a loud 120db whistle for as long as you push the button. Useful in sporting events, a locater in emergencies (earthquakes, collapsed buildings), referee whistle, traffic whistle for police, military training, dog handling and as a safety alarm for crime prevention. 4 inches long. Metal construction. Uses ...
Part No: KPW