Credit Card Pick Set
World feet s first credit card lock pick set! Straight out of a James Bond movie and into the J and L product lineup, we have the most unique lock pick set ever! It is an actual mini lock pick set inside a credit card housing. At 1/8 inch thick, it is about twice as thick as a normal credit card. The back slides off to reveal 4 individual picks and a double sided tension tool. The picks are solid ...
Part No: CCLP
Lock Pick Access Card
The Access Card is a discreet new professional lockpick set that feet s always available when needed. Its extremely low-profile design allows it to be hidden amongst the credit cards in your wallet. In fact, at a mere .016 inch thick, it feet s even thinner than your credit card. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Access Card features a feeler pick, ball pick, diamond pick, hybrid ...
Part No: LPAC