Jackknife Replacement Parts
With continued use you may eventually wear our a part of you Jackknife Lock Pick set. If so these stainless steel replacement parts will be necessary. All picks and well as control screw and tension wrench are available. ...
Jackknife Pick Set
The JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set, an overnight success, has become our signature product. The finest set of its kind, the JPXS-6 now# features improvements that bring it to near perfection; tempered stainless steel picks, knurled stainless steel set screw for a positive lockup, and a hard alloy handle for increased durability. Patents pending. Actual size 3 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch thick. ...
Part No: JPS
Composite Jackknife Pick Set
The composite jackknife pick set is the finest of its kind on the market. It has 7 tempered stainless steel picks and a tension tool all self contained inside this small 3 inch long unit. To open the unit you simply press down on the tension tool and slide it out, pull down on the locking lever about 90 degrees and it releases the picks. You put the one out you want to use and move the lever ...
Part No: CJPS