Scorpion Lock Pick Gun
This famous pick gun was designed to quickly pick pin tumbler locks. Unlike conventional hand picks that activates only one or two cylinder pins, this tool is designed to span all the pins at once. Some people can open locks in as little as 2 seconds where others take longer than a minute. All pick guns require practice. Comes complete with 3 pick needles and tension wrench and instructions ...
Part No: PG
Electric Pick Gun
Lots and lots of claims are made by the manufacturers and sellers of electric lock picks. Most are exaggerations . and most of the picks being advertised are grossly overpriced! And remember, these are all electric lock picks. They are not magical electronic inches picks as others would have you believe! They require some skill to use, but for most, are easier to use than snap-guns or ...
Part No: EPG
South Ord Snap Gun Pick
The snap gun was developed decades ago to allow police officers who were not skilled in the art of lock picking to open locks with minimal instruction. SouthOrd has made the first real advance in snap gun technology since its invention. The new Stainless Steel LAT-17 utilizes an adjusting screw to allow the user to control the play in the trigger, and the slip resistant grips provide added ...
Part No: LAT17
Pick Gun Replacement Picks
This is a set of replacement picks that fits our Scorpion pick gun as well as the South Ord LAT-17. Should also fit most pick guns on the market. Includes two straight picks, one angled pick, double ended tension too and a wing nut. ...
Part No: PGRP
Electric Pick Gun Replacement Picks
This is a set of replacement picks and tools that fits our South Ord electric pick gun. Includes 4 straight picks, 3 tension wrenches and 2 hex keys. ...
Part No: EPGRP