Credit Card Pick Set
Straight out of a James Bond movieThis Credit Card Pick Set is straight out of a James Bond movie. we have the most unique lock pick set ever! It is an actual mini lock pick set inside a credit card housing. At 1/8 inch thick, it is about twice as thick as a normal credit card. The back slides off to reveal 4 individual picks and a double sided tension tool. The picks are solid stamped stainless steel and will give you hundreds ...
Part No: CCLP
Beginner Lock Pick Set
This small lockpick set is perfect for beginners. It is capable of opening most pin-tumbler locks with just a little practice. The set includes your four most common picks, a tension wrench, beginners instruction manual and a leather carry case. A great buy for under 15 bucks! (The Easy Pickings Book is only available with this combo set) SET INCLUDES 1 Hook pick 1 Ball pick 1 Diamond ...
Part No: BPS
Auto Jigglers
Now made from stainless steel This 10 piece set of try out keys will quickly open and start many foreign and domestic vehicles. They are fairly easy to use, as they do not require the use of a separate tension tool. They will also open large padlocks. A must for the repo or towing company. ...
Part No: JIG
17 Piece Pick Set
Seventeen Piece Lock Pick Set The PXS-17 lock pick set is one of the finest available. It comes with an assortment of picks, everything necessary to pick any pin-tumbler lock, and includes a fully machined, interchangeable handle. This set is versatile, durable, and includes a rugged zippered leather ...
Part No: PXS-17
Titanium Lock Picks
This unique set of lock-picks is made from titanium, providing ultra-lightweight picks with a long life of rust/corrosion-free use. Mil-spec design for the adventurous operative. This set is comprised of a feeler pick, a diamond pick, a ball pick, a hybrid diamond/feeler pick, a combo rake/tension tool, and a modified diamond/tension tool. All of these tools are contained in a secure compact ...
Part No: TPS
14 Piece Pick Set
This 14 piece general purpose lock pick set is ideal for the novice as well as experienced. A complete assortment of tension wrenches. Includes the most popular designed pick and a handy key extractor. Durable leather pouch is included. This set, when combined with the LO38 Secrets of Lockpicking inches book, makes a heluva combo. Measures 5-1/2 inch X 2-1/4 inch closed (book sold ...
Part No: PS1
32 Piece Master Lock Pick Set
This set consists of 32 picks, tension tools and extractor. The tools are spring steel with hand finished components. It comes with a hip pocket sized top grain leather case. This one is of our most popular sets. (Measures 6-1/2 inch X 2-1/2 inch ...
Part No: PS3
Eight Piece Lock Pick Set With Metal Handles
Our MPXS8 Eight Piece Lock Pick Set includes five picks with stainless steel handles, a broken key extractor, and two tension tools in a very compact snap over leather case. ...
Part No: MPXS-8
20 Piece Pick Set
This 20 piece set is a handy shirt pocket size. The picks included are the standard choice of the industry. Each pick is made of hard finished clockspring steel, tempered to the correct degree of hardness. Perfect for wafer, six or seven pin tumbler locks. (Measures 6 inch X 2-1/4 inch ...
Part No: PS2
69 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set
IMPROVED The biggest improvement ever in a large set, our new PS4 has no duplication of picks, and offers the greatest versatility ever in opening pin tumbler locks. Included are twelve US picks with metal handles, fifteen Euro/Slim Line picks with metal handles, fourteen US standard picks, fifteen Euro/Slim Line standard picks, five warded picks, and eight tension tools a total of 69 pieces-and ...
Part No: PS4