Credit Card Pick Set
Straight out of a James Bond movieThis Credit Card Pick Set is straight out of a James Bond movie. we have the most unique lock pick set ever! It is an actual mini lock pick set inside a credit card housing. At 1/8 inch thick, it is about twice as thick as a normal credit card. The back slides off to reveal 4 individual picks and a double sided tension tool. The picks are solid stamped stainless steel and will give you hundreds ...
Part No: CCLP
Titanium Lock Picks
This unique set of lock-picks is made from titanium, providing ultra-lightweight picks with a long life of rust/corrosion-free use. Mil-spec design for the adventurous operative. This set is comprised of a feeler pick, a diamond pick, a ball pick, a hybrid diamond/feeler pick, a combo rake/tension tool, and a modified diamond/tension tool. All of these tools are contained in a secure compact ...
Part No: TPS
SouthOrd Pocket Pen Pick Set
This new Pocket Pen Pick Set from SouthOrd allows you to carry a complete set of pin tumbler lock picks as conveniently as carrying a ballpoint pen! This high quality professional set of tools includes 14 stainless steel picks, housed inside the stainless steel and aluminum body, and 4 tension tools. Take a complete lock pick set anywhere you go. ...
Part No: NPS-2000
Shovit Tool
The Shovit Tool inches can open many door locks by using the old credit card technique just shove the device behind the plunger and and push down and forward, forcing the plunger back into the lock housing. An inexpensive device that belongs in your tool box. ...
Part No: SJ-50
Warded Keys
Now made from stainless steel Picks any warded padlock made today. These keys are made of the finest blue tempered spring steel. This 5 piece set is a must for every locksmith feet s toolbox. (Actual item may vary slightly from picture ...
Part No: WKS
Padlock Shim Set
An easy way to open many padlocks is to utilize Padlock Shims. Made of very thin spring steel, they come in several sizes to fit the contour of the hasp of the lock. Just push one down between the hasp and the body of the lock and twist to disengage the locking mechanism. Set consists of 20 shims in multiple sizes. ...
Part No: PLS
The Handcuff Shim Pick can open most handcuffs if the lock has jammed or even if the key has broken off inside! No more having to saw or use bolt cutters to release a prisoner locked in a pair of inoperable handcuffs. This handy little shim slides between the pawl and the ratchet to quickly release the cuff. The simple procedure can be most easily viewed and conceptualized by using the Clear Cuff ...
Part No: HSP
Goso Plug Spinner
This Goso Plug Spinner is designed for helping locksmith to open locks and save time. Sometimes a lock will resist picking open in the correct direction but will open in the opposite direction easier. A plug spinner can help to spin the cylinder plug with very fast speed back past the shear line and without worrying to re-lock. Simply wind the spinner (in whichever direction necessary), insert ...
Part No: GPS
Schlage Wafer Pick Set
Years ago, Schlage developed a lock that was thought to be un-pickable-the Schlage Wafer. They are no longer sold and installed, but they still show up in older offices and hotel/motel complexes. Although they can feet t be picked with conventional tools, they are a snap to open with the Schlage Wafer picks. Highly recommended if your business takes you into older buildings. ...
Part No: SWP
DSS-4 Double Sided Pick
These high quality carbon steel double sided picks are for opening disc tumbler locks. Set of four picks with instructions. ...
Part No: DSS-4
7 Piece Broken Key Extractor Set
This 7 piece Mini Broken Key Extractor Set is great for removing broken keys from lock cylinders. The small tips can grip in tighter spaces than conventional key extractors. The handles give you a much better grip than other models on the market. ...
Part No: KE7