7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit
3 Hearty Meals Per Day for One Person for 7 Days. More than 2,000 calories per day and 100 grams of protein per day. 58 total servings. Real meat high in Protein. Real Food All the Time . . . Also, great for Hunting, Camping, Hiking -Simple, just add boiling water directly into Pouch (no cook). Shipped in a Grab n Go Container. Bucket Contains the foloowing Servings : Noodles and Beef in ...
Part No: W01-858
Prepper Pack Emergency Meal Kit
Wise Company, Inc. has developed the ultimate long-term emergency preparedness packs for serious Preppers. Each of these Emergency Prepper Packs has been designed to provide an individual or family with a core stock of shelf stable food and emergency survival tools. Wise Company Emergency Prepper Packs include an assortment of freeze dried and dehydrated entrees, breakfasts, fruits, vegetables, ...
Part No: W01-152
2 Week Deluxe Survival Product and Food Kit
2 week Deluxe Survival product and food kit for 1 person or 1 week for 2 people. Each kit includes the following : 1 Emergency Duffle Bag on Wheels Aqua Block Water 8.5 oz (9) Swiss Army Knife (1) Compact Multi-Function Shovel (1) 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (1) Emergency Ponchos (2) Deluxe Hygiene Kits (2) NIOSH N95 Dust Masks (2) Hand and Body Warmers (2) 2 Person Tube Tent (1) Deluxe ...
Part No: W01-602
2 Week Essential Survival Product and Food Kit
2 week essential survival product and food kit for 1 person or 1 week for 2 people. Kit includes : Packages of Pocket Tissue (6) 4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight (1) Deck of Playing Cards (1) Water Proof Matches (50) Waste Bags (2) Note Pad (1) Golf Pencil (1) Mylar Sleeping Bags (2) Leather Palm Work Gloves (1) 36 Piece Bandage Kit (1) Water Filtration Bottle (1) Portable Stove (1) Stove ...
Part No: W01-601
Gourmet Freeze Dried Meat 60 Servings Plus 20 Servings Rice Grab and Go Bucket
60 servings of assorted gourmet seasoned freeze dried meat + 20 serving bonus of long term emergency rice. Total Servings 80. A Wise Choice for daily use and long-term food storage Wise Company freeze dried meats are uniquely seasoned so they can be easily combined with other food ingredients to create complete meals. Each Grab-and-Go container of gourmet freeze dried meat contains individually ...
Part No: W07-702
Freeze Dried Fruit 120 Servings
A Wise Choice for daily use and long-term food storage. Wise Freeze Dried Fruit can be stored for emergencies or used when camping or for everyday meals. Wise Company assorted freeze dried fruits are packaged in individual Mylar pouches, and then sealed in durable plastic containers to better preserve the fruit and eliminate waste. We have carefully selected the highest quality fruits and ...
Part No: W40-50120
Entree Only Gourmet Emergency Grab and Go Bucket
Wise Company provides a wide variety of great tasting long-term storage and camping meal entres that your family will love. Gourmet meals such as Cheesy Lasagna, Pasta Alfredo, and Hearty Tortilla Soup are prepared in just 12 to 15 minutes by simply adding boiling water. All of our long-term storage lunch and dinner entrees are healthy, vegetarian-based. They have a great shelf life and are ...
Part No: W01-120
84 Serving Grab and Go Buckeet Breakfast and Entree
3 servings per day for 1 adult for 4 weeks or 4 adults for 1 week. ...
Part No: W01-184
56 Serving Breakfast and Entree Grab and Go Bucket
2 servings per day for 1 adults for 4 weeks or 4 adults for 1 week. 56 Servings Breakfast and Entree Grab N feet Go Bucket Features Great Taste-To ensure optimal taste, texture and nutritional value, our entrees consists of both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. Extended Shelf Life-Up to 25 years Quick Cook-Add water and ready to eat in 12 to 15 minutes Smart Packaging-Ready-made ...
Part No: W01-156
60 Serving Entree Only Grab and Go Bucket
2 Servings per day (entrees only) for 1 adult for 1 month or 4 adults for 1 week. ...
Part No: W01-160
Breakfast Only Gourmet Emergency Grab and Go Bucket
Wise Company provides a wide variety of great-tasting gourmet emergency food storage breakfasts your family will love! Hearty breakfasts such as Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain, and Crunchy Granola are great tasting nutritious breakfasts that can be prepared in just minutes. Finally, there is a Wise choice for dependable, simple and affordable food storage that will meet ...
Part No: W01-121