Life Jacket
The Life Jacket is the absolute best way to secure a handgun and provide you with affordable peace of mind. They are designed to hold most semi-auto handguns as well as small and medium frame revolvers. We have 2 versions available. The first is the LJ1 which is the polycarbonate model. This unit is lightweight and 1/2 the price of its steel counterpart. The LJ2 is constructed of heavyweight ...
These earplugs come with 2 plugs per set. They are rated to have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels. Earplugs are small inserts that fit into the outer ear canal. They must be snugly sealed so the entire circumference of the ear canal is blocked. An improperly fitted, dirty or worn-out plug may not seal and can irritate the ear canal. ...
Part No: RO-4700
Big Shot Gun Cleaning Kit
Sportsman's Choice by PS Products Big Shot Universal Cleaning Kit, model BSGCK89. 89-piece kit includes 12-piece brass jag set. Cleaning products come in a 13-inch tall case in the shape of a shotgun shell. The Big Shot 89-piece Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit stores in a 13-inch shot shell case, cleans all rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Brass rods, brushes, mops, and fitting included. ...
Part No: BSGCK89
Shotgun Life Jacket
This unit is the perfect solution to securing most semi-auto and pump shotguns. Constructed of high-strength polycarbonate its specially designed “chamber lock” plugs right in to the chamber for absolute protection. The LJ3 has a foam-padded interior that won’t scuff the finish of the gun, and a steel-reinforced perimeter for added ...
Part No: LJ3
Noise Reduction Ear Muffs
These Noise Reduction Ear Muffs feature a durable plastic construction with a padded headband for added comfort and easy slide cup adjustment providing optimal pressure distribution for a secure comfortable fit. ...
Part No: RO-4800