Compact Hand-Held Metal Detector
This lightweight, stealth pocket sized design is a high-impact, polycarbonate construction that detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Vibration mode for stealth detection Audible alarm acts as a deterrent Self-calibrating switch Built-in flashlight Powered by one 9-volt Alkaline battery Preferred by Law Enforcement and Security personnel for spot checks and covert detection. Perfect for street ...
Part No: SEEKER1
Metal-Tec Hand Held Metal Detector
The Metal-TEC was designed to be used as an enhancement of the hand during searches, requiring only one hand for operation. Silent vibration gives the officer a tactical advantage; will not alarm the subject being searched (or others around them) that a weapon has been detected. Alerts the officer to weapons, razor blades, handcuff keys, and even small pieces of metal foil (which may contain ...
Part No: MT1400