Call Assistant SD
The Call Assistant SD recorder is a multi-functional voice recorder. This is the only recorder that comes with telephone line recording and handset recording. Easy-to-use telephone recording system that automatically records your telephone conversations. These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card. It is battery-powered, and does not need to be connected to any other devices ...
Part No: DR004
USB Voice Phone Recorder
The USB Phone Recorder is an easy-to-install, portable unit that automatically and covertly records phone conversations into a voice database through the USB port of your computer. It also allows users to manage all stored recordings and information with the included software. It features Caller ID and a Pop Up window to alert you of all incoming calls. You can even email the recordings! USB ...
Part No: PC002
Telephone Recording Control Device
This device makes any recorder into a telephone recording device. When connected to a single line telephone the recording control will start the recorder when any telephone in the house is used and produce a quality recording of both sides of the conversation (assuming all phones are on the same line). When receiver is hung up, recorder stops and awaits the next call. Unit requires no tools for ...
Part No: RC005
Telephone Recording Interface
This device makes any recorder into a telephone recording device. Adapts to single line or multi line telephones. It is compatible with all modular type telephones because it fits between the handset and the base. Can even be used on digital office phones. Records both ends of a conversation and will work with any recorder that has 3.5mm mic inputs including our digital models shown on this page. ...
Part No: TRX 20
Universal Microphone Record Adapter
Now you can record any conversation using your office, cellular, cordless, home or hotel phones with this unique adapter. Simply plug the adapter into any digital or analog recorder (not included) and put the ear piece in your ear and turn the recorder on, both sides of the conversation are recorded. Now you dont have to worry if the pin adaptor fits your cell phone this adaptor is Universal. ...
Part No: CC10
Telephone cord and line splitter
Converts any voice activated (VOX) recorder into a telephone recorder with line splitter. Connects directly in to a wall jack. Use with V1125 to connect to handset for multi-line phones. ...
Part No: CTRD