Observation Device
The UZI Observation Device has a built-in 8 X Monocular and the ability to hear sounds over 300 ft away. Then you can digitally record what you hear and play them back or transfer them to your another recorder. Enjoy the outdoors and watch/listen to the animals. Requires one 9V battery (not included). Unit comes with headphones. ...
Part No: UZI-OD
The Covert USB Audio Recorder (2GB) can perform two functions : it can be a USB flash drive, with 2GB of internal memory, or a discrete audio recorder, that can record up to 40 hours. The unit comes with 2GB of internal memory (not upgradeable). It can start recording by sliding a switch so you can record audio easily, and discretely, in just seconds. When finished, just connect the unit to your ...
Part No: USBAR
USB Voice Phone Recorder
The USB Phone Recorder is an easy-to-install, portable unit that automatically and covertly records phone conversations into a voice database through the USB port of your computer. It also allows users to manage all stored recordings and information with the included software. It features Caller ID and a Pop Up window to alert you of all incoming calls. You can even email the recordings! USB ...
Part No: PC002
Mini Telephone Recorder
The Mini Telephone Recorder is a small, easy-to-use audio recording device that lets you record phone calls. Plug the Mini Telephone Recorder directly into your phone jack to record any phone conversation. It has a built-in speaker with adjustable volume for playback. The device easily fits next to your home or office phone letting you discreetly record a phone call without drawing extra ...
Part No: MTR
5 Hour Telephone Recorder
Keep a portable record of every conversation with our 6 Hour Telephone Recorder. The TR-600 features easy to use plug and play operation. It captures both sides of your telephone conversation with clarity. A built in telephone interface eliminates cumbersome external boxes. Voice activation starts recording when the phone is in use and stops when the call is completed, also eliminating silent ...
Part No: TR-600
Digital Voice by Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player
There are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed. With our audio recorder you can record phone or room conversations. Digital recordings can be played, replayed and recorded over without a loss in recording quality. These recorders have a voice activation feature which saves hours by only ...
Part No: DPR-864
Slim Pen Recorder
This slim easy to use pen voice recorder is packed full of features, long record time, easy to use, USB download and a rechargeable battery. When looking for a slim voice recorder to help store all kinds of important files, such as lectures or meetings, the pen works too! inches Automatic Recording Level Control inches Rechargeable Battery (Built-in Charger) inches Battery Life Record 10hrs ...
Part No: D1300
One-Touch Voice Recorder Pen
Our Media pen has 2GB of memory and will record for up to 142 hours. This flexible product will keep voice recordings simple and discreet. It can also be used as a portable USB hard drive and MP3 player. Great for, meetings, lectures, important document transfer or MP3s. Listen to play back with earphones or attach to your computer via the USB connection. Product ...
Part No: MP2S
Mini Digital Voice by Telephone Recorder
Featuring high-quality sound, and simple to use, this slim voice recorder offers a very intuitive menu, so theres no need to spend hours learning how to use it. Designed with one-touch recording as well as multiple recording modes, this advanced recording device can last up to 20 hours on a single battery! Utilize the built-in speaker to play back recordings, or listen to music that you can store ...
Part No: D1306
Message Reminder
With just the push of a button you can leave a message for your family, roommate, follow workers, etc. faster than you can write a note. The GE Message Reminder is easy to install and use. It is battery operated (no wiring involved) and can record a message up to 20 seconds long. A green LED light will blink when there is a new message that has not been played yet. The message stays stored until ...
Part No: GEMM