Rubber band gun
Rubber Band Gun shoots 6 shots semi-automatically. Made from durable, high-impact plastic, the 12 barrel with a Rotating 6-spoke StarWheel shoots MAG3 Magnum rubber bands up to 25 feet. Very accurate up to 10 feet. Shoot flies, bugs, cans, etc. The SnapShot Rubber Band Gun is great indoor fun for young adults, and also makes an ideal executive gift. Made in ...
Part No: RBG
20 Pack Rubber Band Gun Ammo
Trumark feet s super-fast rubberbands shoot up to 30 feet. The bright yellow bands are EASY TO SEE when shot. The extra bands let you shoot more often before retrieving your ammo after shooting. MAG 3 bands are made especially for the SnapShot, but can be used with all rubberband guns. Large magnum size (3 1/2 inch x 1/4 inch ) Bands have a long 12 inch stretch for maximum range. 20 bands ...
Part No: MAG3