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Stun Guns

We have a nice selection of stun guns as well as honest information. We have been dealing with stun guns since the late 80's and retailing them since 1991. We have seen many brands of stun guns come and go, but the guns we offer here are here to stay. We offer several brands of stun guns because we like to give our customers choice. We feel the Streetwise Stun Guns are the best for the money because of the additional features you get for free as well as the awesome power these guns pack. 

Stun Guns cannot be shipped to several states. Please use the link below and be aware of the restrictions. 
We can now ship a stun guns to Illinois if you have your current FID card and to Wisconsin is you have a valid concealed carry permit (CCP). You can fax these to us at to us at 304-258-3100.