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Expandable Spring Baton
Expandable Spring Baton
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Weight 1.60 lbs
List price: $18.49
Price: $13.95


Quantity:  2+ Items 
Price: $11.95


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With a snap of your wrist this 7-1/4" steel cylinder extends and turns into a 17" spring coil baton with a loaded heavy-duty metal tip. A flick of the wrist causes a whipping effect which builds momentum and gives you a lot of striking power. The unit retracts with a simple twist. Weight is 11 oz. This baton does not include a holster.

Author: Jiayu Mei (beijingmjy@gmail.com)
very nice product

Author: joe
Great! the whip like effect makes this baton pack a wallop plus the steel tip can break small bones

Author: Robert
If you know physics and understand how the force of a solid baton is distributed to your adversary and then to you, you would know this baton is a much greater alternative. I don't go anywhere without mine and I've cracked a skull open with it while defending my brother who was jumped by three guys, it evens the odds really quick, and it's whipping recoil, made it impossible for any of those guys to grab it. Everyone I know wants it, so now I'm going to buy another one. It will break skin, it will break bones, it is a powerful little baton. You flick your wrist, whip this out, and swing, it's like being hit by a hammer.

Author: Terry
In Minnesota, coil batons are the only legal baton citizens can carry.

Author: Dan
I have a 14oz. black jack. I fn love it. They make a 9oz. led tip too. This is back to the black jack comment.

Author: Mike W.
I prefer the spring baton's whip-like action to the more rigid standard batons.

Author: Amy
This baton is very strong despite the flexibility. However my only problem is that once it opens up, it is difficult to get the end spring to retract. It gets stuck and pushing it back to its compact form is hard on the hands.

Author: Gary J
Excellent product, excellent price, quick shipiing.

Author: mtrh
Excellent quality. Very dependable!

Author: Jules
I owned one of these demons...they look cheesy but....that simple looking spring and solid tip can mess a human being up!! gave my old one to my roomie

Author: Dr. James Frame
Just wanted to comment on the Minnesota statement above. Could you please point me towards that statute? I've got 12 years as a MN LEO and was a national LE instructor. Though vague, baton possession here falls under the "dangerous weapon" definition, and whether or not the intended use is "unlawful", rigid or sprung. 90% of a baton's use is as a retention and leverage devise, not striking or 'whipping'. Silly. I find the coiled versions quite useless and usually just novelty-like junk.

Author: DJJ
To those of u having closing issues, don't sling it out so hard. Tapping the bottom straight down also helps.

Author: Nemesis
If anyone is aware of what a blackjack is they'll understand that the spring version of this self-defense weapon is a much more devastating than any stiff version. The spring adds speed to the weighted end making it more likely to break skin and even bones. My brother is a floor manager of a gentleman's club and after my experience with every type of baton in Iraq, I'm buying him one to carry on him at work and another one for my wife's purse for when she's about town because some incidents don't require you to draw your sidearm and use lethal force and this is a great alternative..

Author: Phoz4uZ
I once saw a 100 pound Japanese Officer take down a 6ft 2in 220lb belligerent and intoxicated US Marine with no more than this type of weapon. A well aimed "tap" below the kneecap reduced a well trained 22 year old "Devil Dog" into a blubbering incapacitated meat-bag that took 4 officers a great deal of effort to squeeze into the back seat of a Toyota.
The year was 1984 and the bar was Haru's in Okinawa.

Author: dave in dallas
I just got mine last week... been testing it on boards and water bottles and so forth... that little steel knob on the end hits REALLY hard, but I'm guessing it isn't hard enough to break bones except maybe the bridge of the nose.. but it will split skin and bruise like crazy, and NOBODY wants to be hit with it. A great non-lethal 'discourager' for the pocket. I put on a rubber grip and cord to wrap around the wrist. One flick, and it's ready to pop.

Author: Steve
I had one of these years ago as a young adult and I used to break anything I could find to show it off. It will put a nice hole in a pine board and it will crack stones. I unfortunately broke the metal end off doing that and now I am finally ready to carry one again and not beat it to death! It was fun though, alost worth buying 2 so I can show off one! You wont regret buying this little persuader.

Author: jack
how do u close it

Author: ross
can this item be delivered to the uk ?

Author: Austin
Very good baton! Easy to extend and put back. Seems like it could some real damage definitely good to have for defending yourself

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