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Our J & L Knife and sword section is very large. Whether you are looking for a cheap knife or a premium brand name knife, you can certainly find it on our site. We sell both the economy line of knives as well as high end knives like Spyderco and Smith & Wesson. We have a nice selection of tactical knives and many fantasy knives and butterfly knives as well. Please take your time and view all the different knife sections so you do not miss anything. Our site also has many different swords that we offer. Samurai swords are some of the most popular, the three-piece sets are always hit with the guys and even a regular Ninja sword will make any man smile. There are literally thousands of different swords on the market. If you don't see what you are looking for just drop us an email and maybe we can find it for you. We have access to hundreds of sword vendors and can find most items.