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Comments: I have been shopping here for all of my self defense products, as well as many other well needed items, since i was probably 13 years old, and i have never came across a more organized and respectable company selling the things you do. When i buy my specialty knives, or lock picks, or any other survival type products, i only look at JL. I have never considered looking anywhere else since you guys carry EVERYTHING and anything I i may need. Keep up the good work guys, and thanks for the GHD discount; thats mighty cool! Your Loyal Customer, Timothy M.

Comments: This was my first trip to Berkeley Springs in a while and to your establishment. I was very impressed with your establishment and the friendliness of your staff and pets, lol. I look forward to doing more business with you. Keep up the great job. Thak you for supporting the different agencies that make up the Law Enforcement Brotherhood. Daniel S.

What a great company!!! When I ordered from you, I expected good service, about average and all. However, what a surprise you turned out to be!! I couldn't believe how fast I got my order and how quickly you filled the back orders. You also gave me a discount on the back order and that made me feel good. But, when I got quality products in pristine condition in perhaps the fastest delivery I ever experienced, I was extremely impressed. Thankyou for your service, your customer care and your great products at great prices. All of them are great. Well done, J& L!! Thankyou so much. Dianne P.

Comments: I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that works for this company. None of the products that I have ordered through you guys have disappointed me they have always been exactly as expected if not more so. Your shipping service is also excellent I have yet to receive any orders late or damaged, and your prices are quite reasonable. You have me as a customer for life. Thank you Michael V.

Comments: I have never used a tracking system that was so user friendly. Can't remember if it was the same one last time I ordered however it seems to be top notch, the same as your service and products. Rich R.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: J&L keeps exceeding my expectations for service and quality. I recently requested a lost replacement "safety pin" for my newly purchased "Scorpion Stun Baton". It was received only days later, first class mail-no less-to my surprise! Apparently, J & L is truly concerned about individual safety. I'll continue to spread interest to friends, family, and co-workers about the service that they provide. I'm obviously biased...why not...there isn't better. Martin E.

To whom it may concern:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your quick and professional service. I have ordered twice from you now, and both times my order has been processes immediately, and I have received the confirmation of shipment e-mail within a few hours. I can't thank you enough for the great customer service that your representatives provide, as well as the unbelievably quick shipping that you offer. It feels great to know that I can rely on you guys for my personal protection needs, as well as my familys! Thank you so much for the great prices, the customer service, and the quick shipping. I will be utilizing your site from now on for all of my products that I will purchase! Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future! I'll be sure to spread the word about your company! Thanks again!! Sincerely, David L. (Maryland DOC)

MessageType: Praise
Comments: Dear J&L, I recently purchased the Omega OM11 Star Warrior Stun Baton. I purchased it around thanksgiving and still you delivered it much quicker than I expected. When I first opened the package I found it in great condition and all it needed to turn on was two 9volt batteries! It is the greatest stun baton I have ever seen! When I first turned it on in a lit room my heart began to pound harder and harder from the sound alone. I only saw one or two arcs then. About 5 minutes later I went into the garage, turned out the lights and held down the button for a good 5 seconds. I fell into complete awe and fear. There weren't just one or two arcs, but loads of them dancing around the 18inches of cold hard steel! It lit the entire garage with a flickering blue light and a sound bad enough to drop someone without even touching them. Like you said "It is an awesome sight!" Hopefully I will be taking some video and detail pictures of it. I could share them with you to show future buyers the amazing power of it. I feel much much safer, and will be keeping it for home use or use in my truck. J&L you are an excellent site, I look forward to future business with you. Thanks again! - A very happy customer Mr. C.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: I just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate your promp service. I have ordered from many online sitres ,but yours by far is the quickest. When you live in Northern Maine its sometimes hard just to get the delivery people to your door.I think we still use the pony express ... Again Thank you. A very satisfied customer. Scott N

Folks at J&L, Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback. I recently ordered from you for the first time, and was very impressed with both the speed and processing of my order. Your website is also great, as it gives extra info about products instead of just a list of what you sell. I had also recently purchased similar items from other online sellers, but you are a step above the rest. You've got a return customer. Thanks for the great service. Give Princess Zoe a dog cookie for me. John A.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: Hello, my name is Chris Tsobanidis and i buy from your store before 1 week... I receive the goodies today. Is my 1st buy from your store....and i want to thank you very much, for the QUALITY products, for the FAST shipping and for your BRAINY INVOICE!!! No problem with the customs....noone problem! Thanks again! I'll be back! :) Best regards, Chris T.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: I've just receive my order and wanted to say thank you for your prompt and EXCELLENT service. Although my order was misplaced I am very pleased with the speed in which it was corrected and promptly shipped. And the quality of the products is superb. I am looking forward to doing more business with your company and recommending your products to family and friends. Thank you. Giovanni P.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: I ordered the 16" expandable baton on May 16, 2006, it came with a nylon holder, which I could not use. But I called your company and ordered the boston expandable baton holster on May 30, 2006 and I received the order the very next day. THANK YOU!!! It works perfect with the baton and I was impressed with it being shipped quickly. I will consider you my #1 company for items that I may need. Sharyn M.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: I would just like to complement j&l on how proffesionally their staff handle calls. I recently called from the UK and the staff were extremely helpfull and even told me the time difference between here and over there.All of the staff are wonderfull and very very friendly.
Once again I would like to take the time to praise j&l and all of its staff on there efficiency. Dovi S.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: Great Company. Friendly Folks! Your Phone Order people are just great. Professional & Polite. The web site is great. The shipping is Lightning Fast & the orders are always carefully packaged. Safe & Secure. You guys score huge points in all areas of Internet business/commerce. We have been suggesting your company as the recommended source of supply for Fox Labs products on Check us out sometime. Best Regards, L. Wolf M.

MessageType: Praise
Comments: I ordered my merchandise on Monday and received it on Tuesday. I am very pleased with the product and service, thanks Elisabeth. I will definitely be buying from them again. John C.

What great service! You did it again.
I ordered yesterday morning and received it this morning.
You can quote me if you want. Thanks. Allan K. Owings Mills, MD

I have just received yesterday my order, and just wanna say thank you!!
to all your team, no complaints about my articles, first rate, you have a very fast and courteous service and look forward to keep buying from you. Thanks for the catalog and keep up the good work. Cuauhtemoc R. (Mexico)

To Whom This May Concern: I recently placed an order (2 days ago), and I as of yesterday, I already had it. This is like the 5th time I am ordering from you, and every time I am equally IMPRESSED. In less than 24 hours, I had my product, on my door step waiting for me. Please keep up the good work, and every time I get asked to do a survey on JL, I ALWAYS fill it out and compliment. Please keep up the good work!!!
Satisfied Customer. Christopher C.

Comments: Praise; your site is great,products are great,service was great,I had made an order on a sunday night,called my card # in on monday afternoon around 2pm and the lady said ok your order will be shiped out today,I thought "yeah right" well went to bed,got up on tuesday morning a few hours went by ,heard a knock on the door around 2:45pm and there it was, i had my products when opened everything was above satisfaction to me. Thanks for everything. Steve F.

I just wanted to take the time to thank J & L for the products I purchased.
I received emails and a phone call to inform me of the status of my order.
I am a very pleased customer and I would like say that I will be doing business with you guys again. Thanks again. Jack B.

Hey Guys, I have to just say, I don't know how you did it. I was putting this order in yesterday, and here it is in my hand today with everything perfect. I don't think it gets any better than that. I could have gone to the local Bass pro shop and searched the store trying to sort their inventory to find this stuff, and it would have taken me longer to get it. Your service is phenomenal. Feel free to use this as testimony for other potential customers. Mike M.

I am very impressed with your ordering process, from beginning to end. I shop a lot online and never have left feedback like this before. The ordering process is very easy, as it is on many sites, but where your company stands out is where most are lacking, the after purchase communication.
I would like you to know that I appreciate the statement, "We promise not bombard you with spam, nor will we ever give, rent, trade, or sell your personal information (including your email) to anyone. You have our word." I opted not to receive your newsletter in the buying process but after receiving this email and reading, "you have our word," it left a good feeling inside me and I signed up.
Furthermore, the shipping confirmation, including the tracking number, had a link to the UPS website with my tracking number already filled in. Granted I had already Copied the number and was ready to Paste it in, I acknowlede your efforts to simplify my process as much as possible and for that, I thank you. I will definitely shop here again.
 Houston R.

Comments: What can I say this site is great.The shipping was fast I ordered 3 day shipping and it came in exactally 3 days.The product a elite forces tactical knife was very nice, good quality and at a great price. I will defenitly shop here again. Thanks. Joe R.

Comments: Dear sirs, I recently ordered an ASP Tactical Baton and a 4 ounce Fox OC pepper spray, both with holsters. I expected a wait of about a week, yet the products arrived, as ordered, in one business day after placing my order. I was flabbergasted at the speed with which you dispatched the order. I also appreciate your inclusion of a catalogue, which I will, no doubt, make use of in the future. I commend you for your outstanding customer service. Both products are in my possession as I type. I pray God I don't have to use them, but it is certainly reassuring to have intermediate options between bare knuckles and bullets. God bless. Robert J.

Your customer service is the very best I have ever received online and one of the very few best ever in my shopping experience as a consumer. Also, thank you so much for your suggestion/advice I requested about a particular product. The outstanding customer service you personally provided me exceeds expectations. It is a real pleasure to do business with professionals such as J & L Self Defense. I am looking forward to doing business with J & L Self Defense again. I would also like to add that today is Sunday night 10:30 P.M. Central Time and no one should expect (and I won't) to get any service on this day and time. Needless to say, I am just positively overwhelmed with your SUPER OUTSTANDING customer service. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial from a most satisfied customer. Again, thank you very much. I wish you and your company continued success. Ricky

Comments: Irv - Thanks sooo much for the quick delivery of the baton and pepper spray. My wife and I live in the Oakland Hills (CA), and she walks very early in the am, worrying me to no end. Now I can rest a little easier. She liked my baton I bought from you a couple of years back (the big one), but it's too big for her, so I got her the 16" one. Thanks again for great products, and excellent service! I will continue to buy from you for years to come. Sincerely, Brian T.

I had received my order Thursday. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality of the excalibur sword I received. You made it very easy to view your items and order them. Thank you again! Debbie B.

I just recently bought a blowgun from your company. Upon recieving it I noticed it wasn't what I ordered. I called your customer service and explained what had happened, the representaive told me they would call me back with any information on what had happened. I was very happy to only have to wait a short ammount of time before I was contacted again. The representative told me that they had found out the mistake and told me all parts missing would be shipped to me.
I am mainly writing to tell you THANK YOU!!! I really am happy with the service provided to me by your company, and quickly and easily fixing that problem. Once agian THANK YOU!!! A++ Service! Dan

I just wanted to tell you that my order just arrived last night and that I couldn't be more pleased. THANK YOU! The order was shipped promptly and was exactly as I requested. I also want to compliment you on your pricing - I would recommend you to anyone. Great job all! Paul K.

Just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipment of
my product order from J&L. To get my order within 24
hours of placing it was great. Jonathan H.

Hello, I just received the above noted order. As ALWAYS, everything was just as I suspected! PERFECT!
Thank you for your excellent customer service, and amazing selection of high quality goods!!! Ciao for Now!~ Michael S.

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived very quickly, and I am very impressed with your product and your customer service! I will definitely order from your company again and will recommend it to others. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Becky . U

Just wanted to send a quick note to say I received the replacement unit and it's working perfectly. Thank you for being so understanding and responding as promptly as you have. Your customer service is absolutely top rate. I look forward to many future purchases and will have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues and friends. Best regards, Ming K.

Recieved the J&L kevlar lined leather gloves last week, and all I can say is "Wow!" Great product for a great price - shipping was superfast, and I'm going to recommend you to my patrolmen. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future! best regards, Rob C.

I received the new canes and returned the old one. I am very pleased with the new canes and also very pleased with the way you conduct your business. As a businessman for many years I can appreciate the extra effort you put into your customers satisfaction. Whenever anyone asks about my canes you can be sure that I will give them your name and number. Again, thank you. Albert I.

Your guys are very fast. I wish there were other companies like yourself.
I REALLY appreciate the quick shipping response time. It's FANTASTIC!
GREAT JOB! Especially when you need it now and just about everybody does. I wasn't expecting to receive this till sometimes next week, cause that's the kind of shipping response from other companies I've been dealing with. Looks like I'll be getting this before next week.
We'll be doing business for a long, so get use to me. THANK YOU! Ivory J

Thumbs up to all those at J&l Products.
Thank you for restoring my confidence in on-line shopping.
I ordered from your company less than 24 hours ago and my order has already been sent out. UNBELIEVABLE!! I will be ordering many more products from your company in the very near future. THANK YOU!
 Vince B.


Just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how satisfied I am with my recent online order. I ordered about $120 worth of gear about two weeks ago. I wasn't sure if my online order went through, so I called and spoke to a very nice woman who confirmed my order. My order was sent that same day and I was emailed the FedEx tracking #. Most of all I was extremely satisfied with the quality of your products. I will be ordering more cool stuff as time goes by.
Thanks....James A.

The last time that I ordered with J&L Self Defense Products, there was a problem with my check. Around the time my products were slated to arrive, I received an e-mail from Irv Miller explaining to me the delay in my order and what had happened. Irv offered me a discount for the inconvenience. When I went to call in my order again the next day, the operator was very courteous and transfered me to Irv himself. Both of them were very polite and got my order back on track right away. It's this kind of service that makes me order from J&L rather than someone else. Abi M.

I believe it was your wife who took care of my order, but I would like to express my sincere pleasure of the service that J&L has provided me. I ordered 2 Fox 4 oz. units, the new ones with a flip top. My money order arrived, I believe on Wednesday or Thursday, and I already have the 2 Fox units. This is just so amazing, considering on Monday I need to go into a bad area of New Jersey with my neighbors. Take Care. Brian J.

I recieved my order today and would just like to take a few moments to tell you that I am very pleased with my experience purchasing from you and how speedily my product arrived. Thanks and keep up the good work. I will be ordering from you again and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Chris T.

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with your service. Excellent response time, prompt information, and very fast process time. Future products that I purchase will be with your company. Thanks again, Jarin L.

I just wanted to go "on the record" about the quality service provided by J&L self defense products; the exemplary efforts put forth by the staff ( as well as the owner, Irv Miller ) for this fledgling company is still proof positive that the customer is always king ! I intend to do much business with J&L in the future, as well as present.
Allen E. Treat

Just a comment after two orders from your web site.Your order handling is absolutely amazing. You immediately advise customers of the order status. You also notify of of delivery date.I do quite a bit of shopping on the web and have seen no service that quite matches yours.Since I'm quick to copmplain, I thought it was only fair to pay a compliment where it was
due :) All the best,
 Dave J.

You have no idea how much I appreciate your honesty, Irv. I have been working on the Internet for years now, and have seen countless examples of dishonest dealings, hard-sell tactics (yes...they exist on the 'Net), and just plain bad business practices. I believe you are the first business owner I have come in contact with who truly holds the basic values of honest trading and straight-from-the-hip business practices dear. Bravo, sir!David H.

I would like to thank you personally for your prompt delivery of my order of 1875 US. Marine Sword. I have never tried ordering through the internet before and I am very glad I started with a reliable company like J&L.More power to you and rest assured your company will get an excellent endorsement from me here in Manila.
From the sunshine country of the Philippines, my thanks to you and your entire staff! Sincerely, Prof. Fred C.

I would just like to say that I have one of your products and it's great. I
also think the customer service & standing behind your products is
outstanding - providing very inexpensive refills for mace for example.
Also, my friend ordered something from you and exchanged it for almost no cost. I respect your company and will certainly continue being a loyal
customer and spread the word.
thanks Anu

Wow, I must say, you have an excellent site and your prompt responses tell me alot about your company. Great job! Daniel D.

I just want to thank you for the quick shipping of my recent order of
some Fox Labs pepper spray. I had a feeling I was dealing with a great
business but when I opened my package the first thing I noticed was the
holster. I am not sure if you pick the holsters or they come from Fox
Labs; but the "Made in the U.S.A." tag made me smile ear to ear! Being
active duty military I really love it when people take the time to save
America. Thank you for helping keep American jobs alive.
 Spc. John K.

Again thanks for everything. The new model arrived, and I believe my friend is quite pleased with it. It fits her hand quite well. I appreciate each time you go out of your way for your customers. Peter T.

I would like to say that you have a very well designed website. Not to
flashy and I enjoy someone actually taking the time to comment honestly on the quality of his products.
 Kris A

Your website is fantastic! And your team seems to be very honest with people and i love that. That's rare these days ya
know? Thanks again...William D.

I recently purchased a Navy Seals watch from your company. I am very satisfied with the watch and even more satisfied with your exceptional customer service and speedy delivery. In all aspects your service exceeded my expectations.
 Jonathan L.

I wanted to write quickly to say that you have secured a loyal customer. I received my order today, far faster than i would have expected, especially for the holiday rush, and the product is perfect. i look forward to doing much business with you in the future. thanks from a very satisfied customer.
Chris N.

Hi irv, i recieved my rambo3 knife this morning. it`s what i love about your web site. two days after ordering, i got the knife. two days............. thanks again, the knife is beautiful. i love it. ill be ordering more soon. thanks again for your kindness. Bill W.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was about the J&L web site. The thing that I liked best was how honest the product descriptions seemed. When I see items that say "OK quality", others that say "good quality" and some that say "excellent quality", I can tell that you're not just "blowin' smoke" to make a quick sale. I have ordered from TOO MANY web sites where EVERYTHING at their site is labelled "the best quality" (yeah, right!) So to find a site that actually gives an honest review of product quality and lets the customer choose is refreshing. I'll be back! Gary S.

I just want to let you know that your web site and service is excellent. I appreciate the professional manner in which you handle your customers and look forward to future purchases. Dave P.

Sorry for the delay in the responce to your email. i certainly did appreciate your quick responce. You guys provide some of the best service of any mail/internet companies i have dealt with. Jeff B.

Very well designed and laid out site. I was able to find everything I was looking for and information about the products as well as the cost for the items. I will be a repaeat customer. Scott M.

Oh, one more thing...with all the attention that CC fraud over the internet is getting, it's nice to know that some merchants are consciencious enough to check up on suspicious orders and test/stand behind their products. Keep up the good work! Peter P.

I have always been satisfied with your products and services, and I anticipate this transaction will be as good as the rest. I am so satisfied that I intend to purchase some items from your catalog in the near future. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you. Will S.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your promptness with my order, I just got it and it's perfect. Have a great day. Michelle D.

Thank you for responding to my concerns. I am so pleased I found your store on the internet, your customer service is by far the best out of any online stores i have ordered from. You reply promptly with needed information. You can look foward to many more orders from me in the future, and hopefully all the people that i recomended you to. Mike P.

Just want to say thank you for replying to my question I had when I purchased pepper spray from your site. This is the ONLY company that ever replies when asked!!!! I will be purchasing more things from your web site, and the great customer service helps. Katherine S

Irv - thanks a ton you saved the day! i am nothing but fully satisfied with my last order as well! keep it up! Dave W

The items have arrived safe and sound, and I am more than happy with them. I have posted positive feedback for each item. This was one of the better transactions that I've ever had.....and I want to thank you for that. 
Ken W .

Since it isn't very often that someone gets to hear kind words about their business, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. I recently received the knife that I ordered, and I was very pleased. This was my first experience with buying a knife over the internet, and you've made it a good experience. Your service was great, and the quality of the product was every bit as good as you claimed on your site. I was so pleased that I put a link to your site on my own webpage. Thanks again, and I hope to be doing business with J&L again soon. Duane R.

I recently purchased a basic pick set and book from you. My first pick took over six hours. Now about a week later, I can open 3 padlocks in about 3 minutes. Great products! Thanks for all of your help. Look forward to more orders. Tracy R.

Thanks for the service and excellent information you provide about your products. Veronica L.

Just a brief note to let you know that I received my order and am extremely happy with the entire process, from ease of ordering to the quality of the product. It's refreshing to see a company that not only says they're committed to customer satisfaction, but actually are. Dave S.

I just received my order from you guys. I ordered it on-line Monday and it's here!!!! Not that I didn't expect it but...when you order anything from a company for the first time, especially via the internet, you just have built-in reservations. It's great to find a source with integrity and quality. Everything your ads said came to be true. The product, contents, quality, delivery time...all right on track. Thanks so much. I can't wait to get started with my purchase. JBS

Just writing to let you know that your service was the best I have ever encountered when mail ordering a product. It was prompt, friendly, and accurate, and I knew exactly when and where my package would arrive, rather than wondering if I 'had been had' by some fly-by-nighter posing as a legitimate company. Thanks! I'll recommend you to all my friends. Jon H.

Thank you again for confirming the order with me. I have never seen such personal service at this level over the net. I searched at least ten different security product companies, and found yours to be the best option with the best quality. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Shawn B.

Your web site is very neat and efficient, Placing my order was easy, and especially being able to print a copy of the invoice. This gives me a trail if I should have to call about the order. Also you section of safety tips is most appreciated. I printed this out, for me and my wife to study.Winfred S.

That was some pretty quick delivery, very impressive. Those sap gloves are GREAT!.. Putting them in my back pocket will probably make my pants fall off now :) I'm definately going to show off my gloves at work today. Hopefully I can help you get some more customers. As you can probably tell, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases, and feel free to quote any part of this message on your website. Jeff P.

Thank You so much for your attention to this false order from "Marian **** ". Just to give you an update, this guy worked for me for a bout a week and stole my checkbook. He was on probation for breaking and entering, communicating threats, etc. When the police searched his house they found my checkbook and he admitted to everything he had ever taken from me. He was a pretty fast worker for just being employed here one week! Thank you for being such a repsonsible vendor. You have gone beyond the call of duty by faxing me the information, calling me and letting me know about things, I really appreciate it. Thank You. Suzanne S.

I recently made a small order with your company. I ordered from several companies on the same day. I had originally intended to make one order all at the same time , but thought I would use the opportunity to test the market for reliable service. This is what I got ; eight orders still not shipped. three still not confirmed. seven had overpriced you by up to 18% , The order with your company was very smooth and accurrate, it was confirmed, shipped,and followed up on. your handcuff prices suck , but other merchandise makes up for it.( I needed four hand and five leg cuffs)( I didnt like anyone else's prices vs quality either so I didnt even get them) In the end , after being a dealer with Guardian and feeling hopeless about inferior merchandise , I had the best business transaction with your company.I have deleted most of the others , and I cancelled six un-shipped orders this morning. all in all I alloted $900.00 for resupply of standard equipment in my office. I spent only three. I will be ordering from you again in the near future , and I will pass on your address and copies of your catalogue to my associates and certain clientel. Thank you for providing great service with a refreshingly business like atmosphere. best regards...Rick F.

THANK YOU! I believe that your business is the best, in all respects, that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. You're fast, have a great selection, and most importantly, I trust you. You can use my endorsement, for what its worth, anytime! Thanks. Glenn P.

I would like to say that I am impressed with the quality and wide variety of products that you sell on your site. I would only like to thank for offering self defense items to the people of America at an affordable price. Andrew M.

I have just received my replacement cane along with the other items that I ordered. Again, I want to thank-you for your excellant service. I hope to be doing business again with you in the future. Fred S.

I ordered a few things last month and just wanted to say that your service is great. The products were good and it came to my house pretty fast. Good service like this creates stickiness for ecommerce companies. Keep up the good work thank you. Walter A.

I just wanted to comment on how pleased I am with the Avenger Blowgun i just recieved. I was very happy with the description and am even moreso with the blowgun itself. For all the accessories that come with it, it truly is a steal. R.M.

Very well presented site, easy to move back and forth while shopping. Thumb up! Steve C.

May I say that you are just brilliant . I just received the first enveloppe with 9 aces of spade and this is exactly how it should have been sent . No problem with the post office, no problem with the Customs, the absolute best . Looking forward to ordering a few more things. Richard G.

Just wanted to tell you that my order arrived via UPS about 24 hours after I placed it on your website, and at standard shipping rates. I have been ordering merchandise on the web for a couple of years, and I NEVER received anything in 24 hours without paying an exorbitant amount for shipping. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with this first time purchase from your company. Keep up the good work. Allen B.

Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service! I have spoken with a few, and exchanged email with you. Everyone there is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much! These days customer service is an often forgotten ideal, but at your company it is still obviously a priority!!!! Thanks a million!Michael S.

I appreciate you taking the time to send out and personal email thanking me for my order. that is something rare these days. I would also like to take the time for your excellent selection and service. Kristopher W.

I just wanted to let you know that I had purchased three kubotans and three Wild Kat Keychains as stocking stuffers for Christmas. As soon as everyone pulled them out of their stockings they loved them and placed them on their keychains. Even my demure little wife loved the Wild Kat design and promised to use it (I hope she never needs to) if a situation arises. Thank you for offering such innovative self defense products and giving us an easy way to order them. You now have a long term customer! Andy H.

I wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how impressed I am with your company. I was surprised to get an e-mail including a U.P.S. tracking number for my order. I did not expect my order to arrive this past Monday night as stated in the letter. However, it did arrive as promised. I am very happy with the products I received and hope myself or my wife never have to use them. Chris W.

You current technology web site and old fashioned customer service made this a very pleasant experience. If I ever have the need I will return or recommend you to a friend. Thanks again, Bob L.

I just received my order Friday afternoon. Very quick service. I use the Kubatons as part of my Self Defense program. They are even popular with my students in my Martial Arts programs. Your catalog has a lot of interesting stuff. Websight is also very professional looking and easy to use.Hal P.

Thank you for your response. Very nice "customer service" touch. I love your web site and the product descriptions you have for them. Keep up the great job. Dave H.

I just wanted to take this time and thank you for your assistance! you have a great line of products,im sure youll be hearing from me in the near future. Brian G.

Thank you for your prompt response! I will trust your judgement, as you come highly recommended by a co-worker. I will keep my order as placed, with your company. I look forward to receiving the ASP Key Defender. Kamala P.

Thank you for the prompt service. You have my faithfull business from now on. You may find it of interest that with the basic pick set, I had picked every lock in the house in about ten minutes after opening the package. Bryan A.

All I can say is that now I'm impressed at this great customer service! Thank you for taking the time to add a personal touch to your service and I must say, if you have something I need/want, you can bet I'm not going to buy elsewhere, and I'll be recommending you to any potential customer. Nader A.

I wanted to thank you for sending my purchase in such a timely manner. I was very satisfied with the service and the products I ordered. I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from me again. James D.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Unbeknownst to me, the package was delivered to the front desk of my apartment complex where they signed for it but failed to inform me of such actions. It is pleasantly refreshing to deal with a business such as yours that obviously cares for its customers. Thanks again. Conan G.

Goods arrived incredibly promptly. You guys certainly have your act together. Dan M.

I amazed to get such personalized service over the net. You give better service than I get at most stores. KEEP IT UP!!!! Randy W.

Thanks you for the e-mail concerning my order. It is nice in this day and age to get a personal response from a company. I'll be sure to inform my many coworkers of your company when they need product. Thank you. George M.

Thanks so much for your help! We ordered a brass knuckle paperweight for our office manager (whose job it is to keep us "on track") and she loved it. The express mailing even got it here on time! Thanks for the excellent customer service. Brian W.

Thanks for the order, everything was perfect. I just placed another small order tonight. No big rush on this one. Thanks for the email . Very nice site and great service! thanks again , John

I just want to thank you guys for doing your best for me all the times I've ordered from you. Keep Up Your Good Work!!!!! Tim P.

I received the order yesterday and my son was overjoyed to see that we finally found replacements for the blowgun! My husband has already found several things in the enclosed catalog that he was interested in. Thanks so much for being there! Michele E.

Thank you for the confirmation. First purchase over the net. Thus, very special to me and my son. Like you cite and look forward to doing more business with you. Robert N.

Thanks for the call. Yes, the grey camo is fine; oddly enough I was going to choose that initially. One should always trust one's instincts. Thanks for the great customer service...something sorely lacking nowadays! Brian B.

Thank you for your notice. I should also mention- I was impressed with your service in the follow manner. On your web site, in the Tanto Knife section, you showed the cheaper variety of knives and quoted "you get what you pay for." Honesty is good. Also, your willingness to respond to my faxes and pursue the sale. I came away from the order with a pleasurable feeling that my money was well spent. That is consideration mixed with good salesmanship. enviable. Robert G.

Thank you irv for filling me in that is the best thing about your superior company. I've told all my friends and they really want to get blow guns and then the y will get them from you guys. A little advice you are very one on one and you will be the biggest company on selling misc type items ever keep it up and with word to mouth advertizement you will go very far. thank you again for helping out the most novice of all novice people. Brad D.

I wanted to thank you for the notice about my order. This is my first time to purchase something over the Internet and it's comforting knowing that it was recived correctly. It's also a real incentive to return to your site sometime in the future. Jarred J.

I just recently received my money and my order form back. Thank you. It is always nice to know that some companies out there still live up to the saying, "Customers first." I had my doubts in the beginning when we first encountered, but you have now confirmed your loyalty. You should be receiving my full payment of $29.95 American dollars shortly. Once again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to comply to the needs of a customer. Feng C.

Products arrived. Thanks so much for your excellent service. I look forward to a long term relationship with your company. Kendell C.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service (you would be surprised at the s#!*~! online companies I have delt with). I am looking forward to getting your products and ordering more. Brian G.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your good service. My knife arrived Monday, exactly as promised. The quality of the knife is exactly as advertised. I must say that this is refreshing considering all of the bait and switch artists doing business on the internet today. Also, having read your business philosophy I must say that I could not agree more. It is a pleasure to meet a company that is Liberatarian by nature and concerned with my personal safety. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. And, it will be my great pleasure to recommend your company to others. Tom H.

Hi Irv, of course, I would pay you for that unit regardless of your findings. I will appreciate your honest opinion. Knowing how effective that unit is compared with others you have tested, before I would actually need it in an emergency is in itself well worth the money. I highly respect your ethics regarding the sale only of merchandise that you believe in. Most people seem to regard profit margins higher than they do honesty and integrity. I hope that you find some encouragement in knowing that there are a few people like myself that would rather do business with someone like you even if the product cost was higher than from another source. So, even if the Myotron ends up being a joke, please tell me and I will still eagerly pay you for it just to know the truth. I suspect that I will be purchasing additional items from you soon, so please keep up the quality and high ideals. Your integrity is about the only thing that can't be taken away from you. Ron N.


You may not remember, but last year you spent at least 20 min. explaining pepper sprays to me. You get the repeat business! Jeff F.

I appreciate you following up on the status of My order and even providing me with the tracking number of the package !!! I'm a demanding type of consumer and you folks are a pleasure to do buisness with ! I feel that I have gotten what I've paid for ! Please dont lose your personalized touch,it's very proffessional in My opinion !!! Thanks again ! Bruce P.

I would like to thank you and your company for your products and service. J and L is great for the law obliging and hard working citizens who prepare for self defense. You never know when you will need it. There are too many defensless victims. When I used a internet search engine to locate self defense items, J and L appeared the most complete site with the best equipment available. Price is no matter compared to life. I will pass on the word to my friends who are looking for self defense items. Paul T.

Thank you very much! I was impressed by the rapid delivery and I am pleased with my products. You will receive another order from me soon. Thank you again! Bogdan V.

We recieved our order yesterday. Came in perfect condition! Our son has already assembled all the darts and have tried them out on his target. Took us a while to figure out the strap for the blowgun! We tracked the package everyday until it arrived.... Thank you so much... if we need anthing else, we'll contact you! Thanks again! Mike R.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the service and the extra mile you've gone to make the order right. I'll go back to your site later today and make sure I'm familiar with all the products you carry in case I need anything else. I'd rather do business with a company like yours because of the way you've handled the problem. I suspect I'll be ordering some extras for the blowgun shortly. Stephen G.

I would like to thank you for your prompt response to my order. I would also like to state my shock in finding out that there are people who run honest businesses still around. Lowering my shipping and handling charge may not seem like a big deal to you but I was impressed to say the least. Again thank you. Should I ever need to order merchandise like this again J & L will be the first place I look. Mike K.

I want to thank you for the attention I have received from you with such a small order I can tell that you run a 1st class business and will be telling my friends and co-workers about your Website. It has been a pleasure. Ron S.

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I wanted to say thank you for my order. The mouth piece was not included in the order but I placed a call with your wife and she sent it right out to me. J&L is one of the finest places I have ever done business with. The Blow guns and other products are of top quality. I will contact you later in the future to make another order. Gus Z.

Nice web site and really first class customer service. I'm a sales rep in the Fortune 50 high tech arena and it takes a lot to impress me. Your personal follow up and follow through is refreshing. Dave L.

Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for following up...something other companies fail to do. It is greatly appreciated. Rest assured I will order again. Michael M.

The canes arrived today and are very nice. I appreciate your attention and the fact that you substituted the better canes for the original order. I do like them. Dale W.

Thankyou very much for the update. I really appreaciate your dedication to your customer satisfation. Thankyou for the second day shipping for free. Peter V.

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Just rated your company J & L Self Defense Products Inc. as "Extraordinary" and had the following comments: They quicky shipped my order to me, and when some of it didn't fit because I ordered the wrong size they did everything they could to make sure I got what I wanted quickly and without any problem at all.

I'm a customer of yours, and I just wanted to say I'm real glad to know that there are people out there that care enough to supply people with good quality products for self defense. I love all your products. Andrew L.

I received my order today. I think my boss is really going to love the knife. It is the best-looking knife I've ever seen. Everything arrived in perfect condition. It was well worth the wait. Joan S.

Just to let you know that I received my Baby SWAT this morning. Talk about quick service. I'm very happy with the knife and realize how right you were when you mentioned that a sheath was not necessary. The pocket clip is great. Thanks for the quick service. We'll most likely be doing some more business in the future. Mark L.

I appreciate the friendliness that you used handling the problem that arose with the order and I am sorry that I was slow in responding to re-sending my order. Thank you so much for the extra stuff that was put in my order and for the 2nd day air. There are many more blowgun and other items on your site that I would prize to own, and will more than likely order them someday. I hope your business flourishes because of its excellent customer service. Good Luck in the Future! Cliff M.

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Thank you! I got the package yesterday, it only took 1 day to get it. Thank you very much for the free knife. I will order some more pretty soon because I got some friends interested in your products. We'll talk soon. Bogdan V.

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I recvied my blowgun Friday, it rocks thanks a lot for it I'll will let you know if I want to buy anything else. I also got my friend's stuff to, he says thanks too. Colby C.

I was just wrighting this letter to tell you how happy I was with my order. My stun-Baton Is awsome and I am very pleased with it. Charles D.

Thanks for the attention! I think this is the best shopping experience I have had! I am buying the watch for my husband's birthday next Wednesday and wasn't really expecting to get it by then. I appreciate all your help. Aimee B.

I really appreciate you calling me Mr. Miller I exactly got my package the next day so I really do appreciate your fast working staff for getting my package to me ASAP. I will definetly call or e-mail you if I need anything else and also I really do appreciate the two women for working with me in an outstanding manner thank again. Tennille W.

Thanks for the measage on the status of my order. I want to let you know that I was impressed with the quality of auto kit that I recently recieved from you. I am glad to know that my future purchases from you will be of like value and quality. Charles M.

Thanks for the concern in good service. I appreciate it. Talk to you soon. Pat P.

This web page is well done. This page ables the customer to know what exactly he/she is buying. I really enjoyed reading about the pepper-spray; I can now make a better decision when buying pepper-spray. Eric


I just wanted to let y'all know how awed I am by your selection, prices, and easiness to browse. Consider at least 3 of your products sold to this happy guy!! Matt J.

Thanks for the postcard and the sword!!! Chris was really happy with it, and in fact wants a second one so he can hang them crossing one another. As soon as I can fit it in my budget, I'll be calling! P.S. the package arrived Monday!!!!! (You shipped it on Sat!!!) Happy holidays from a happy customer! Louri B.

Thanks for the postcard and the sword!!! Chris was really happy with it, and in fact wants a second one so he can hang them crossing one another. As soon as I can fit it in my budget, I'll be calling! P.S. the package arrived Monday!!!!! (You shipped it on Sat!!!) Happy holidays from a happy customer! Anlouise R.

I have no doubt you will enjoy fantastic growth in your company with the friendly and honest customer service you provide. Have a great holiday season! Dave W.

Thank you Irving, we really appreciate how kind you have been. We also wanted to let you know that it was really nice to do business with you. I will E-mail you when it comes in. Thank you and happy hollidays. Sandra H.

Everything arrived safe and sound. Thanx so much for your time and advice - I appreciate it very much! Jeff

Thank you for the information. I like your site and your products, I am pleased with the quality and the prices. And ESPECIALLY pleased for the 'non-spamming' and 'will not ever sell e-mail address' promise. -This is VERY important to me. Therefore, I do very much wish to remain on your mailing list of 'once every three or four months', and I *will be* placing follow-up orders with J&L S.D.Products in the future.

We got the order today as promised. Everything came as planned with no problems. Than you very much for everything and if I'm ever in the need for any other type of self defense product, I'll first check with you. Once again, thank you. Scott B.

your service has been excellent!!! you will get more business from me ! ! ! Dave G.

Just a note to thank you for the acknowledgement of the order. It was a pleasure to call and get a live person to answer the phone, that goes a long way with me. Earl G.

Your website is really great. The products you offer appear to be of the highest quality. I have noted this site for future reference. Very tastefully done. thanks, its good to know that one can obtain these products from a reputable dealer. Best of luck to you. Please retain my name and e-mail address for any future mailing you may put out. Paul I.

Dear Irv, I am not leaving until the morning of September 12th, so you are well within my time constraints. You have really gone out of your way to be kind. First entertaining me early in the AM. When I first called, I thought it was one of those places they have operators 24 hours a day. Then going to all the extra measures to ensure delivery. Thank you so much. Thanks again. Arlene B.

Thank you for the confirmation. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy doing business with good websites-websites that make it easy for me to order. I would like to relay my experience with you. I have 8 dart left for my blowgun with a crow problem at my house, therefore decided to look for "blowguns" through the search engine. It came up with several choices, and I looked at a few and decided to order, At this point I had not seen your site. The first site did not take credit cards online-I would have had to send them a check or money order, which to me defeats the purpose of online commerce. So I moved to the next choice-spent 10 minutes writing down the item numbers and then go to the order page, and it says $75 minumum order. My order was $40-I wrote them to inform them I would not be ordering from them this time, or the next, or the next. So then I scroll down and find your site, I check the prices and they were in the middle, not cheapest, not the most expensive. But, you made it easy for me to order. You take a credit card and allow me to place my order online. And you obviously follow up with the customer via email to let them know the order was received. So, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing the right things with your online business. Many many online businesses don't realize that making it easy for the customer to order is the way to garner business, not flashy graphics or any other gimmick-just make it easy for me to buy the product I want to buy. Anything else is worthless fluff. Jeff M.