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How to Protect Yourself Without a Gun

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Everyone these days seems to have an opinion on self defense, but the fact is that no one is completely safe all of the time. Whether you are walking home alone at night or you are put into a dangerous situation on accident, it’s crucial to always be prepared. Not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun, and that is perfectly alright. That’s why we at JL Defense Products sell self defense equipment designed to safely get you out of a scary situation and divert your attacker. Have you ever stopped and thought about your action plan in case of an attack?


As easy as it is to dismiss all attackers as the creepy guy in a trenchcoat in the parking garage, this isn’t the case. In fact, more than 80 percent of all rape victims know their attacker already. This shows that most attacks happen when you are not prepared to handle them. We always recommend taking a self defense course, but it’s important to have multiple strategies in mind to get you out of a frightening situation. When you are in a place where you need to fight back, here’s what you can do to prepare:

  • Have a weapon. Again, this does not need to be a gun. Whether it’s a taser gun or pepper spray, these items can be very effective at distracting and protecting you from an attacker. Make sure you have it on you at all times. It’s important to carry your weapon and be able to quickly use it, so practice switching off a safeguard or removing a pepper spray cap as soon as you have it.
  • Have easy access. Having your weapon on you at all times won’t do much good if it’s at the bottom of your purse. If you do opt to put it in your purse, make sure it’s in a place where it won’t get buried. However, we recommend carrying your weapon in your hand when you are alone.
  • Know your surroundings. Planning ahead means knowing where you are and avoiding dangerous places. Make sure you are aware of your closest exits and places to run in case of an attacker.

Choose What to Carry

The good news is that our self defense equipment was designed to be easy to carry and not easily identified. In other words, your attacker won’t know to disarm you ahead of time. We offer self defense items, such as:

  • Pepper spray keychains - These make your pepper spray easily accessible. Many people carry their keys on the way to their car, so you can feel prepared and armed at all times.
  • Streetwise sting ring - This stun gun was designed to be concealed easily in the palm of your hand. The base can held while the top part is a ring to put around your middle finger. When you turn off the safety and grip the unit tightly, the unit activates for you to stun your attacker.
  • Knives - Whatever your style of knife, we can help. Many of our knives are easily concealed and hard to tell what they are, leaving you to protect yourself without the attacker disarming you.

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Whatever you feel you need to protect yourself, JL Defense Products can help. Shop now to keep yourself safe on the streets!

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