Basic Self Defense Moves You Should Know

Posted by JL Defense Products on Jan 30th 2017

When you are in danger of an attacker, it’s essential that you know how to escape quickly and effectively. That’s why we offer self defense equipment, including pepper spray and stun guns. However, it never hurts to have a collection of self defense moves up your sleeve in case an attacker catches you by surprise. Here are a few effective ways to escape an attack:

When They Grab Your Wrist

To escape someone grabbing tightly on your wrist, don’t try to just pull away. Instead, rotate your hand until your thumb is aligned with where your attacker’s thumb and fingers meet. Then, jerk your arm quickly and bend it at the elbow. This should make it easier to break free.

Aim for the Knees

Shoot the sole of your foot towards your attacker’s knee to incapacitate them, then run. Knees are extremely hard to protect. Anyone who is trying to chase you needs to be able to use their legs, so hurting their knee can give you the advantage.


You may be scared of hurting yourself, but when done correctly, you can severely injure your attacker. Grab your attacker’s shirt collar, push them back, and then jerk them forward. This momentum keeps their shoulders and arms open which will make your headbutt more effective. Be sure to be looking at the ground when your head makes a connection to their face.

Poke Them in the Eye

Even though this may seem too simple, it can be extremely effective. Don’t hold back any pressure, as you may incapacitate them to where they can no longer see you. If they can’t see you, they won’t be able to catch you as you escape and seek help.

Go for the Ears

Everyone’s ears are extremely sensitive, and attackers are no exception. Cup your hand and slam your palm into your attacker’s ear at full force. This sends air pressure into the ear canal that can throw them off balance or even burst their eardrum. You can also grab your opponent’s ears and yank, as this is extremely painful and very difficult to escape.

Use Your Elbows

Elbows are extremely strong and durable, which is why they make a great weapon when you are being attacked. They are more effective than punching when at a close range. Your elbow is sharper than you may think, which means you may actually cause cuts on your attacker’s face. A hard enough hit to the temple of your attacker is enough to immediately knock them unconscious, and in some cases, cause death.

Be Prepared

We at JL Defense Products want you to be safe at all times, which is why we recommend trying out our self defense equipment. We have everything you need in case of an attack, from stun guns to pepper spray. Each of our items has been designed for ease of use and have been quality tested to ensure their effectiveness. You never know when disaster can strike, so please be prepared with both the knowledge to escape, as well as the equipment to get you out of the situation. Be sure to shop our store now, and keep yourself safe!