2 oz. DPS X-Stream Range Flip Top Spray

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DPS X-Stream Range Duty sprays consist of 2,3 and 4 oz. units which are the most common among law enforcement agencies. What makes our units so different for the competition is we call it the "DPS Range for Safety Advantage". Our 4 oz stream unit fires and amazing 20 feet!. The 2oz stream unit fires 16-17 feet feet . This is nearly twice the distance of most defense sprays. That distance can save your life! This is exactly why DPS is quickly becoming the spray of choice among law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities in the US and abroad. Too many companies brag about the heat of their spray when they can feet t hit the guy from 10 feet away. You have to hit the perpetrator for the pepper spray to do the job. Our spray is not only one of the hottest in the industry (Laboratory tested) but we can target the bad guy from up to 20 feet away. No other spray gives you this safety distance to separate you from the subject. Can dimensions are :
2 oz. unit-4 inch tall and 1-5/16 inch diameter
4 oz. unit-5-3/4 inch tall and 1-7/16 inch diameter
Our X-Stream Range sprays were designed as "ballistic stream" to give the maximum distance but many customers want the fog pattern because they don feet t have to be as accurate when they fire the unit. The "Cone Fog" pattern fires 10-12 feet.
The Image shown with the DPS in the H2NC nylon clip holster is actually how I carry DPS in my vehicles. You never know when some one will have road rage and approach your vehicle to harm you.

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