4 in 1 Emergency Hand Crank LED Flashlight and Radio

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This 4-in-1 dynamo light and emergency radio has four unique functions.
There is a 3 LED flashlight with that has a high and low power light, a cell phone charger with USB cable, AM/FM radio with antenna, and emergency siren.
Having a unit like this in your car or your grab-and-go bag is a great idea. If your phone is already dead and then your car becomes disabled you could use this unit and charge your phone and then call for help. The light has 3 super bright white LED bulbs which can be toned down to use just one LED light and conserve power. Siren is great to signal people if you cannot yell out. This unit has an overall length 7-1/2in. It has a black and yellow plastic body and a built-in hand crank dynamo for recharging. Cell phone USB cable included.

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