.68 Caliber 3.6 Gram High Impact Kinetic Projectiles

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These projectiles are extremely dense injection-molded Nylon rounds designed for maxim impact and distance.

Our High Impact Kinetic Projectiles are 3.6 grams and provide one of the hardest hitting less lethal self defense rounds on the market. They are extremely cost effective and excellent training munitions that can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action!
They are great for target practice or self defense situations.

These are seamless precision rounds that work perfectly in the Byrna HD, Pepper Ball, Sabre, Salt or Mission Less Lethal launchers. They work in all .68 cal. paintball guns as well.

For the money this is the best option of all out kinetic impact rounds.

Please exercise caution while using.

Available in 5 pack or 100 pack.


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