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The new Talon Baton from ASP is like all ASP batons, its simple, incredibly strong, easily carried and has one other amazing feature. It closes with the push of a button.
This revolutionary new design uses two opposing discs that cam into an internal groove that is machined into each tube. Lockout is a simple flick of the wrist and retraction is just as simple with the push of a button.
The Talon Baton is crafted with premium materials, exceptional workmanship and flawless function. The Talon creates a new standard in the baton world.

Talon Information :
Carry your Talon Baton in a SideBreak or Duty Scabbard, your pocket or waistband. Its cushioned grip prevents the weapon from being accidentally dislodged.
Grasp the baton in your Strong Hand. In its closed mode, the ASP Baton is an extremely effective control tool. The integral retention groove provides an index to maximize striking potential.
Expand your Talon Baton by sharply flicking the baton straight up or straight down to extend the
inner shafts. Each shaft is locked rigidly in place by opposing locking discs. It is not necessary to violently extend the baton. The internal discs of this design will lock the baton open with even minimal expansion effort.
Soft extension of the Talon Baton is made possible by its extended tip. Grasp the rings of the tip and pull the shafts to full extension.
Retract your ASP Talon Baton by depressing the release button in the center of the retention cap.
Apply positive pressure on the tip until the baton is fully retracted. It is not necessary to strike the tip of the baton Placing the tip against a hand, leg or inside of a scabbard provides sufficient resistance to retract the baton.


Specifications for the 40cm

• Retracted Length: 7.06"
• Weight (Steel): 16.3 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 8.8 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft (Airweight model only)
• Diameter: 1.06"

Specifications for the 50cm

• Retracted Length: 8.25"
• Weight (Steel): 18.3 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 11.2 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft (Airweight model only)
• Diameter: 1.06"
Specifications for the 60cm
• Retracted Length: 9.63"
• Weight (Steel): 21.4 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 12 ounces
• 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft (Airweight model only)
• 4140 Steel
• Diameter: 1.06"

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