ASP Tri-Fold Restraints 10 Pack

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ASP Tri-Fold Single-Use restraints are compact, easily carried and rapidly applied. Specifically designed to law enforcement standards, the wide brightly colored straps have no sharp edges. Tri-Fold restraints open to oversize loops and are rapidly pulled to close for secure detention.
The RollerLoc ratchet device has an extremely smooth pull with a covered locking mechanism. They are the most tactically sophisticated disposable restraints on the market.
Available in both Yellow and Black. The surface of yellow restraints can be marked with incident numbers or arrestee information.  


  • LAW ENFORCEMENT GEAR: These lightweight handcuffs are available as single-use disposable cuffs or as reusable training cuffs.
  • SERIOUS SECURITY: Secondary compression locks and reinforced construction provide extra protection against picking.
  • ULTRA COMPACT: These restraints fold in 3 places for easy, ultra-compact storage on your vest or duty belt.
  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT: Oversized loops, a covered lock, and reusable pull rings allow quick application.



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