Bike and Motorcycle Mount Holster

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Have you ever encountered vicious dogs while out for a nice bike ride or walking with the children?
It can be a scary ordeal. After many requests from our customers we came up with the DPS Bike, stroller and Motorcycle Mount. It mounts on any bike as shown in the picture and with a 2 oz. unit on your side, you have just the protection you need. Our bike mount holds a 2, 3 or 4 oz. Pepper spray. The mount uses rubber and velcro to hold the unit securely to the bike.
A quick pull and the pepper spray unsnaps from the unit allowing quick access when needed.
I have updated the images to show how I use the holder on my bike. A customer who did not have a fairing had a good idea about mounting it on the passenger peg. You can mount this unit any place you like, the main this is you have quick access when you need it.
I am also going to highly recommend our DPS 2 oz stream. This pepper is brutal and works better on dogs than anything I have seen. It shoots 17 feet and can take out multiple attackers. Its what I carry.

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