Emergency Preparation is Crucial For Survival

Jan 27th 2017

Emergency preparation is crucial for the survival of you and your family.

Unplanned emergencies can happen at any time without notice. Many people think having some long term storage food put away is for end-of-the-world nuts and survivalists. The truth is many regular people have an emergency preparedness mindset and are just trying protect themselves and their families in case of an unexpected disaster.

As we have seen in different parts of the country that a natural disaster can shut down an entire city for weeks. Wildfires that now seem so commonplace out in the West, floods that occur in the Midwest almost on an annual basis, tornadoes that hit “tornado alley” with regularity, and hurricanes that batter the eastern coast are just some examples of natural disasters that can affect all parts of the country and make you homeless in a matter of moments.

For anyone to think you are immune to Mother Nature’s fury, you are only kidding yourself.

In a natural disaster your normal support system will be unavailable. That includes food, utilities, water, shelter and emergency services from fire and police departments. For that reason alone an emergency preparedness mindset is required. We are not talking about something you dwell on 24/7, but rather something that you and your family discuss periodically and have a plan in place for survival.

Preparing for an emergency does not make you a paranoid person, it means you simply try to think ahead to protect yourself and your family.

I personally think it is a great idea to have some extra long-term food put away in case of a power outage that can last 3 weeks or a snow storm that shuts down a city for way longer than expected. Even just a small amount of supplies and lighting could mean the difference of surviving an unforeseen event. For just a few dollars a day you can feed 2 people. The best part about long term food is you just tuck these items in the closet and forget about them. If you never need them, then so be it, however if you do need them someday you will very happy you took my advice.

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