Emergency Preparedness For A Natural Disaster

Jan 27th 2017

Emergency Preparedness For A Natural Disaster May Save Your Life

In this business you get an opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all over the country. One fellow we met lives in Colorado Springs and had first-hand experience with a natural disaster-the Waldo Canyon fire last summer. The Waldo Canyon fire near Colorado Springs started Saturday June 23, 2012, with over 10,000 residents evacuated, 18,000 acres burned, 346 homes destroyed, 1 fatality and was finally 100 % contained after two weeks at a cost of just over $15.3 million. It ranks as the most destructive fire in Colorado history.

Colorado Springs is the largest city both in land mass and population in the state of Colorado. The fire was on the national news for those two weeks and raged and played havoc with the lives of literally millions of people. He lived 6 miles from the epicenter of the fire and related some tragic stories to me.

People that were in the direct path of the fire were literally given 10 minutes to evacuate. This is a fact, not something made up to scare you. How would you deal with the 10 minutes? The first thing you think about is items of value, either in terms of monetary value or sentimental value and perhaps the last thing you think about are food or water supplies.

The fact is, in an emergency situation your very survival depends on food and water supplies that may not be available through normal channels. This should be a top priority when thinking about Emergency Preparation.

Emergency responders were busy directing traffic for the evacuees and had absolutely no time to help people who needed it.

In a real emergency, the burden of taking care of you and your family falls directly on your shoulders.

You cannot rely on other people. If they show up and can help you, consider that a bonus.

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You can have food and water ready to grab and go in seconds with a pre-made kit.

We highly recommend that you develop an evacuation plan and think about emergency food and water supplies to last you a minimum of 72 hours.

You have no idea how far away shelters will be, what the availability of space is, etc.In an emergency situation, you need to be self-sufficient-kind of a mountain man mindset. Wildfires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters all require a cool head and fast action in an emergency. Planning ahead is not only a good idea but it may end up saving your life.

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