Teen Jogger Grabbed Used Pepper Spray On Attacker

Jan 27th 2017


Earlier this week in Fairfax Virginia a young lady was out jogging and was almost abducted. Her attacker grabbed her from behind using the element of surprise as most predators do. The difference in this case is this young lady was ready. At only 15 years old, she was smart enough to be out running with a pepper spray.

According to police the young jogger was in the area of Hayfield Road when an unknown man grabbed her from behind. The woman fought back and sprayed the attacker with pepper spray. The attacker ran off and this young lady lived to tell about it. This story had a happy ending for the runner, but the suspect is still at large. If this woman had been abducted, there is no way to know what would have happened to her. She could have been raped or killed or held in someones basement for months or years.

Carrying the pepper spray for “just in case” scenarios is a very smart thing to do.

Whether you are walking or running or even riding a bike, pepper spray can save your life just as it did for this young lady. Not only is pepper spray good against human attackers, it works very well against dogs. Dogs are a constant threat against runners and walkers, especially those walking their own dogs.

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One of the best things you can do to make you walk or your run a little safer is carry a pepper spray. DPS makes a walker/jogger armband pepper spray that is so small you hardly know you are wearing it. The nice part about the small defense spray is it gives you serious protection against attackers or abductors. This is the same exact defense spray carried by hundreds of agencies in the US.

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