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Boston Leather Midget

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Leather slappers or blackjacks inches as they are also known have been used by law enforcement for generations. It has a thick leather outer skin that is sewn around flexable steel handle and has molded lead in the striking end. The steel keeps the unit rigid but allows a little give when you strike something. Slappers are flat and slip right into a pants pocket almost un-noticed. This was a very effective weapon when law enforcement use to carry them. In fact, many police departments had a special pocket built into the officer feet s uniform. It was usually down the side of the leg and would allow the leather strap to hang out.
Most departments do not allow officers to use this weapon anymore, but a lot of collectors want them for their collections.

These are excellent quality leather with poured lead in the ends. Available in 2 ply or heavy duty 4 ply 
6 3/4 inch long
9 1/2 ounces
Durable, heavy gauge leather encases molded lead weight with spring steel shank

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