Byrna HD SD New Higher Capacity 7 Round Magazine

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This long awaited 7 round magainze is now here. Those extra 2 rounds can really help. Keep these as a spare magazine or replace your 5 round magazines with these. These spare 7 round magazine are for the Byrna HD, Byrna HD XL, Byrna SD and Byrna SD XL and fit any .68 caliber projectiles. 
Any returns must be new still in package. 
Product Features:
  • Allows 7-round capacity
  • Same size as previous magazine
  • Sits flush within the magazine well
  • Compatible with all Byrna Pistol-Style Launchers
  • Fits flush inside Byrna Mag Defenders
  • Fits perfectly with the Ammo Armor protection sleeve

Product Care Tips:

To ensure continued reliability of your 7 round magazines, please follow the steps below:
- If you experience any jams, clean the magazine with water and thoroughly dry.
- Flush with water and thoroughly dry if dust or powder builds up.
- Proactively wash the magazine after 2-3 loading cycles with powder-filled projectiles.

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