DPS Fire Master Pepper Spray

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The Fire Master is one of my wife's personal favorites. This unit is quite unique in that you wear it like a ring on your index finger. Because it is on the outside of your hand, it enables you to unlock your car, handle your children or groceries with your weapon in hand.
This is the best place for it if you get nervous or that gut feeling of danger. If an attack occurs, you drop off the safety and let the bad guys have it!
This unit releases a fire extinguisher-like fog, covering everything in the direction you point it. The unit is available with a clip on holster which makes it convenient to clip on a purse, your side or in a vehicle.
This unit is also an excellent tactical carry spray. It allows you to hold your sidearm and have the option of less-lethal at your fingertips.

Police use :
200,000 ONH (Out the Nozzle Heat)
3-or 4 ounce canister
Provides 10 to 12 1/2 second bursts
Range : 12-16 feet
Heavy fog spray pattern
Safety wedge
Holster available
4-year warranty

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