DPS Keychain Pepper Spray with Inert Training Unit

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Our DPS 1/2 oz. key chain pepper spray unit is compact and easy to carry. It is ideal for clipping on yourself, a purse, a bike, in a car or just carrying with your keys. It measures on 3-1/2" long and comes in a hardshell carrier. 
They fit nicely on any keyring and still give you the 15 foot Range for Safety Advantage™. The hardshell unit is a high quality unit that comes with a built on clip for easy convenient carrying. The design is unique and is made for quick and easy firing. It also has a built in safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.

Also included with this special is a 1/2 inert unit to practice with. Be sure to use the inert unit outside because it has all the same chemicals as regular DPS minus the pepper. The best thing to do is fire it at a paper plate from about 10 feet.


  • Stream Pattern
  • 15 foot range
  • Hardshell with keychain ring
  • Clip for easy carry
  • Twist lock safety
  • Water base training unit

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