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DPS OC-CS Black Label Tactical 3/4 oz Flip Top Pepper Spray With Clip

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Product Description

DPS Black Label is called X-Stream Tactical Ops for a reason. It drops everybody.
It is 10%+2 OC/CS Blend that was formulated and developed for extreme tactical operations. This brutal mix was initially made for law enforcement and corrections in high threat conditions.


The new tactical flip top design makes this unit easy to use and quick to draw. The DPSMK-22 flip top allows you to fire with your thumb or your index finger easily which makes for fast and easy deployment when needed.

The spring loaded flip top is the safety that prevents accidental firing, so there is nothing else to unlock or turn which saves you valuable seconds in an emergency situation. This new design also eliminates the need for strong fingers. The actuator is easy to depress and fire the unit. This is the prefect design for elderly persons or people with weak finger strength.


The heavy duty side clip allows for inverted carry over your belt, purse or jacket pocket. With a few practice draws you will be able to deploy the MK-22 in about 1 second. This is one of the best designed units we have seen. 

This unit is compact and easy to carry measuring only 4.75". It is ideal for keeping in a purse a car or just EDC


This is something every man or woman should be carrying. Great protection that does not break the bank.



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  1. Good size, convenient belt clip 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 7th 2019

    I have not deployed this pepper spray yet, fortunately, but it fits my hand well and easily clips to the inside of my pocket. It’s convenient, and I like the combo of cs, oc and uv marker.

  2. Well built and designed 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 21st 2019

    I was looking for a Reliable pepper spray for my daughter, I want to something that was sturdy and would not break if dropped or always prone to accidental discharge. I’ve never been a real fan of OCD/CS blends, I’ve used them before and the end of contaminating everybody except for the person it was used on. This unit has tremendous range and is very sturdy and solid, from what I understand from the manufacture the content is high for both Oc and CS most of the manufacturers have only 1% CS. No other manufacturer seems to have this type a range so this is a plus. My other concern was that this particular unit was not advertised in a cone or fog Spray, And also came in an unmarked container, I am in instructor and I’ve used chemical agents for 35 years so I know what to do if I’m exposed, the average public does not so just for liability and and consumer standpoint I would mark the canister as to contents, use, and first aid instructions as other manufactures Mark the units. All-around I give a thumbs up to this unit For it’s construction and contents. the convenient and sturdy pocket clip really make a difference.

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