Escape Nickel

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The Escape Nickel is an innovative new device that can enable escape from restraints.  Manufactured with actual nickels, it contains the two most useful implements for defeating restraints - a handcuff key and a knife.  Each remains concealed inside of the coin and swivels out for deployment, utilizing the coin as its handle.  The most ignored things that people carry are coins; rarely does anyone pay any attention to them, even during searches. Who would think that a handcuff key and a knife could be concealed inside of a nickel?  Probably not your captors. Keep this device, along with some regular coins, in your pant’s back pocket so that you can access it while handcuffed or otherwise restrained behind your back. Originally developed for undercover law enforcement agents, it's also a potentially lifesaving tool for anyone whose survival may depend on escaping unlawful custody. Patented.  Made in USA. 



  • Made from actual nickels
  • Hidden cuff key
  • hidden knife
  • Made in USA

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