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Genuine Cammenga Phosphorescent U.S. Military Lensatic Compass. Model 27. Olive Drab color. Waterproof, shock-proof and built from the finest materials. Cammenga is the exclusive manufacturer of compasses used by U.S. military personnel and supplies a superb and heavy-duty professional instrument. The Phosphorescent Dial on this model provides excellent illumination and a replacement for those who do not want or need the Tritium version-exactly the same model in every other way besides the luminosity.
The Cammenga Lensatic Compass uses induction damping to slow the rotation of the magnet. Induction damping allows the Dial to seek Magnetic North and come to a complete rest in much less time than a unit without induction damping. It is a velocity-dependent force; that is, as the speed of the oscillation of the Dial comes to a rest, the damping force is zero increasing longevity and accuracy. Induction damping proves to be far superior to liquid damped compasses which are subject to leakage and eventual failure.

  • G.I. Military Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass
  • Brief Exposure To External Light “Charges” The Phosphorescent Markings Making It Ideal For Night Time Use
  • Equipped With A Magnifying Lens, Sight Wire, Dial Graduations In Both Degrees And Mils For Accurate Readings
  • Copper Induction Dampening System Slows The Rotation Of The Magnet Without The Use Of Liquids
  • Made With A Durable Aluminum Frame And Waterproof Housing
  • Comes With A Convenient Carrying Pouch, Lanyard And Belt Clip
  • Made In The USA

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