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  • Black Metal wild Kat self defense keychain.
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  • Leopard print defence cat key chain
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  • Gold metal wild kat defense keychain
  • Red and Pink Metal wild kats
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  • Green and purple Metal wild kats
  • Gold and silver metal wild kat

Metal Wild Kat Self Defense Keychain

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Measuring only 3.14 inches tall and 1.96 inches wide, this self-defense keychain is both lightweight and compact. Simply use this as a regular keychain and carry it on you everywhere you go. When threatened, you can slide your fingers into the keychain via the "cat eyes" with the sharp "cat ears" facing forward and plunge the keychain hard into your attacker. Made out of strong and tough aluminum, this keychain will deliver a high-impact, devastating blow onto your assailant. Other than providing you with reliable protection, this keychain tool is also durable and light. Carry this keychain with you for peace of mind.

Due to state laws we cannot ship this item to MA, CA, NY, MI, IL, DC or outside of the United States.


  • Packs a sharp punch in the event of an attack
  • Cat eyes become finger holes and ears become spikes when clutched in your hand
  • Stainless aluminum construction
  • Stainless ring and clasp for attaching keys
  • Highly strong and durable
  • Stylish, compact, and lightweight
  • Easy to use and easy to carry
  • Will provide you with peace of mind
  • Measures 3.14" tall x 1.96" wide


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