OC Intruder-Buster Tripline Pepper Spray System

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We are proud to have collaborated with Shomer-Tec in perfecting the O.C. Intruder-Buster™ (OIB) Pepper Spray Deployment System. This unit is a tripline activated area-denial device powered by a DPS O.C. fogger that can be an effective addition to your property security.

It's best deployed outdoors or in outbuilding enviroments, in particular where there’s a natural funneling of travel such as between buildings, hedges, etc. When triggered by the tripline, the device is activated and expels a cloud of O.C. (oleoresin capsicum, or "pepper spray"), providing a strong inspiration to the intruder to quickly flee the area.

The OIB utilizes a proprietary DPS O.C. fogger canister made specially for this device which provides superior effectiveness.

The unit is basic in design but extremely effective in protecting an area.

Made in USA.  Ground shipment only.

Additional DPS refill units are available as well as inert training units.

OIB Kit Includes:

• The Housing
• Activator assembly
• Safety Pin
• Wall Mount
• Sear
• 75’ of Trip Line
• 2 Mounting Screws
• One 4 oz DPS Refill Unit

Be sure to watch the detailed instructional video below!


STEP 1 The first thing you do before anything else is put the safety pin in place pushing it through the housing making sure the open end is protruding through the holes on the opposite side.

STEP 2 Next You remove the cap from your DPS refill unit and insert it nozzle first into the housing.

STEP 3 Attached your trip line to the sear then compress the activator assembly with one hand set the sear into the sear into position on the plunger

STEP 4 Now you screw the activator assembly to the housing leaving only enough gap to slide the unit on to the mounting bracket. The unit together firmly so that the housing is tight on the mounting bracket. The spray exit hole should be facing up.

STEP 5 Carefully attach your rig. Once everything is inspected remove the safety pin. The unit is now LIVE!

STEP 6 When approaching an un-activated live unit, insert the safety pin first before disassembling.


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