Pink Expandable Baton Black Shaft

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This new pink expandable baton with a ballistic holster features all steel construction with a textured pink rubber grip and black shaft.
I Have found the cheaper batons that have a foam rubber grip (mimic of the ASP) do not hold up as well as the rubber. The foam tears easily, and cannot be repaired. The rubber textured grip gives you a solid, no-slip hold on the baton and the durability of the rubber far exceeds that of the foam-rubber.

The ballistic nylon holster is high quality and allows you to carry the baton in several tactical positions :
1. Standard up-right strong hand side
2. Forward tilt strong hand side
2. Forward tilt weak hand side for cross draw
4. Fully extended

If you want a decent baton for regular security and self defense use then this is a good choice. I would not recommend this baton for law enforcement or corrections officers.
Each baton includes a FREE heavy duty nylon holder as shown. This alone can save you about $25.00.

Retracted Lengths:
16" - 6.2"
21" - 7.70"
26" - 9.5"

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