Rubber Foam Nunchucks
These 12 inch practice nunchakus are great for beginners. These are traditional style chucks with a nylon cord connecting chucks. They are foam covered and make for a much safer environment when learning to swing nunchakus. They are ideal for kids taking martial arts classes and need practice weapons. 12 inch long with a 1 inch diameter PVC tube padded with foam ...
Part No: NCRC
Ninja Caltrops
Also known as Tetsubishi. These are a small four-pointed weapon used by the ninja to slow down a persuer. No matter which way a tetsubishi landed one sharp point always protruded upward. Box includes 10 pc. ...
Part No: NCAL
Ninja Grappling Hook
This specially designed Grappling Hook folds down for compact and easy carrying. With a few twists the 4 carbon steel talons can be locked into position assuring a safe assent. This unit includes 33 ft. of tough braided nylon rope. ...
Part No: NGH
Ninja Hand Claws
If you are good enough, you can use these Ninja Hand Claws to scale new heights without a ladder. These traditional ninja climbing tools were designed to be worn for climbing, scaling, ice walking and defense. Each set features adjustable bands and heavy duty construction. Not for amateur use. ...
Part No: NHC
Ninja Foot Spikes
When used in conjunction with the hand claws, your climbing potential is greatly increased. Spikes are made of black steel and feature laced closure to secure to feet. ...
Part No: NFS
Ninja Tabi Socks
Made to wear with the tabi boot, these black 100% nylon socks feature the same split toe design. One size. ...
Part No: NTS