Push Button EZ-Close Expandable Baton

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The Safety Technology® Push Button EZ-Close Aluminum Baton opens with a flick of the wrist automatically securing itself. Easily collapsible - no need for any pounding on concrete. With just one push of a button, the baton will collapse with a light touch against your palm and eliminates the chances of any damaging, impact-based baton closures. This brings a whole standard of convenience in the palm of your hand. It also has a rubberized grip so you can hold it firmly even if it's wet. When fully collapsed, its length makes it small enough to carry around in a pocket, hand bag and more.


For many decades armed forces, law enforcement personnel, and security guards have utilized expandable batons as a non-lethal alternative to firearms. These days they are increasingly being adopted by civilians as a low cost self defense tool, especially since the introduction of telescopic models that make them both compact and concealable. A baton doesn’t require lethal force and depending on the situation, you can easily adjust your levels of violence. They can also be employed as a means of deterring threats by blunt force and prods, blocking blows, and can even sweep an attacker's legs out from underneath them. Aside from self defense, they can be used in other emergency scenarios, such as breaking windows so you can exit your vehicle or house.
This is a high-quality, lightweight, and affordable collapsible baton you'll want to get.


Retracted Lengths:
16" - 7-5/8"
21" - 8-7/8"
26" - 10-7/8"

Exyended Lengths:
16" - 16.25"
21" - 20-1/8"
26" - 26"

16" - 8.5 oz.
21" - 9.4 oz.
26" - 11.4 oz.



  • Easy single handed push button retraction.
  • Locking Feature: Easy one-handed push button closing for a flawless function
  • Rubber Grip Handle: The rubber grip help you maintain a firm hold.
  • Nylon belt holster for easy carrying
  • Very Light
  • Made of premium materials: 6061 and 7075 Aluminum
  • Warranty: 1 year


PLEASE NOTE: The 21" model is actually 20-1/8" when extended. 

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