Skunk Butt™ Stink Bomb In a Spray Can

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These "Special Ingredients" are just what you may need in some "special situations". Manufactured under contract by DSG Laboratories to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, these products are now available for non-governmental sale.

We are very excited to announce this “Just Released” Skunk Butt™ Stink Bomb In a Spray Can is exactly what it sounds like. It is our original Military Grade Stink Bomb in an aerosol can. Many have tried, but no one has succeeded in putting something that smells this bad in an easy-to- fire can. This unit fires 10-12 feet in a stream pattern allowing for easy target acquisition.

Skunk Butt™ is a unique liquid which exudes a harrowing, assaultive stench so foul that it can overwhelm anyone in its vicinity. Its proprietary formula is classified as a military-grade putricant, not even in the same league as the novelty “stink bombs” offered elsewhere.

Skunk Butt™ has multiple ways it can be used. Obviously for prank purposes, but also can be used to curb loitering as a perimeter denial tool. Simply spray it in an area you don’t want people hanging around. This next use appeals to hunters as human scent blocker. Simply spray some Skunk Butt around your stand or to cover your tracks in the woods and you can do it from a distance.

Deploy only with utmost caution and discretion. Contents: 2 fl oz. Made in USA.



  • Skunk stench in a spray can
  • Flip top for safety
  • Easy application up to 12'
  • Great for pranks
  • Easy to apply for perimeter denial
  • Hunters use as a human scent blocker
  • 2 oz offers 10-12 1/2 second sprays
  • Made in USA


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