Tactical Dining Set

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The Tactical Dining Set enables you to have both eating utensils and discreet self-defense capabilities handy wherever your travel adventures or culinary experiences may take you.

Weighing in at just 1.2 ounces, this set includes a titanium spoon and a pair of titanium chopsticks. The chopsticks are made of 6AL4V solid titanium and the tips feature our unique HET (Hardness Enhancement Technology) tungsten carbide treatment, providing both high food retention and superb penetration capabilities. This tip treatment doubles the Rockwell hardness from the standard HRC of 36 up to an amazing 75!

The Tactical Dining Set has two carry mode options. In the standard mode, the connector component keeps the chopsticks’ points securely centered in the spoon’s bowl. In the “Bad Neighborhood mode", the chopsticks’ directions are reversed and the spoon’s bowl transforms into the handle of a double-barreled self-defense tool.

The chopsticks are approximately 8.5” in length, 0.145” in diameter, have a gray matte finish, and are made in USA. Inspired by Tomas Alas of Tactical Tavern.


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