Umarex P2P HDP Compact 50 Caliber Self Defense Co2 Pistol Kit

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Be better prepared to protect yourself with a P2P HDP 50 Compact .50 caliber CO2-powered personal defense device. The HDP 50 Compact is designed for snag-free ergonomic performance and quick deployment so you can put distance between yourself and a threat. The 8-gram CO2 cartridge is instantly activated with a firm tap of the Quick Pierce knob on the bottom of the grip frame. With the CO2 cartridge pierced the shooter can quickly acquire and engage their target via the intuitive channel sight system. The internal magazine holds 4 rounds of .50 caliber pepper, dust, or rubber ammo. Comes with rubber and pepper rounds. The rubber rounds are great for learning your new less-lethal HDP 50 Compact. The HDP 50 Compact is NOT designed to use paint ammo of any kind. Using paint ball ammo may damage the product and will void the warranty.

This unit is an effective, non-lethal self-protection that is pocket size - The Home Defense Pistol 50 Compact impresses with maximum operational readiness at minimum dimensions.

The compact version of the proven HDP 50 combines its reliability with space-saving features. Thanks to the Quick Piercing System, a light tap on the underside of the grip is all that is needed in an emergency to pierce the propelling 8g CO2 capsule. This system allows the HDP 50 Compact to be stored in advance with four rounds of the powerful .50 caliber and with the capsule inserted in standby. The clearly visible and tactile pressure indicator signals immediate readiness for use. In operation, the HDP 50 impresses with its barely noticeable recoil. The lightweight, shock-resistant polymer frame guarantees quick aiming after each shot. The cover of the four-round tubular magazine under the barrel also serves as a generous trigger guard, which also allows operation with gloves and guides the index finger safely to the trigger.

The eye-catching and characteristic color scheme serves to clearly identify them as non-lethal protective weapons. Used internationally, it signals a non-lethal defensive intent to potential aggressors and as a result has a de-escalating effect.

Owners can choose from a variety of .50 caliber ammunition.


Although the launcher is easy to use, it is strongly recommended to read the Owner's Manual before use including all warnings, cautions, and notes.  The HDP 50 is NOT designed to use paint ammo of any kind. The use of paint ball ammo may damage the product and will void the warranty.


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