UZI Single Use Flexible Double Restraint Cuff

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The UZI-RSTNT Single Use Cuff Restraints feature better control and are hygienically safer than standard metal cuffs. They come in 5 packs but are sold in different pack quantities of 5 packs to give you more bank for your buck.
These are an inexpensive backup to ensure you have a reliable pair of handcuffs at all times. A great backup tool for virtually every law enforcement specialist to keep your suspect detained and your hands totally free to perform more valuable tasks. 1/2" wide loops won't cut into a prisoner's wrists. 

UZI uses robust materials and combines advanced technical concepts with innovative designs to produce products used and trusted by the Army, Secret Service, and Special Forces.

Can be easily removed with snips or the better solution something built for easy safe removal the ASP Scarab Cutter. 



  • Hygienically safer than standard metal handcuffs
  • Black in color
  • Sold in packs of 5
  • Single Use



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