Clerk Turns the Table on Robber with Pepper Spray

Jan 27th 2017

I love to hear stories like this where the bad gets hammered with a less lethal item like pepper sprayand his robbery is foiled. This clerk had no idea this guy did not have a gun. Furthermore the way things are now, you cannot assume the robber won’t attempt to harm or kill you once you comply with him and hand over the money.

The clerk had a write to act in fear for his safety and in my opinion it was the right thing to do. If he had a firearm behind the counter then he would have had the same right to act in fear and maybe killed the guy. This worked out well as the police caught up with this robber and arrested him.

My father has a store in Baltimore and he keeps a DPS magnum crowd control unit behind the counter. He was robbed once and that is why I gave him the unit to give him some protection in the store. Pepper spray is in outstanding defense weapon. With very little training a person can defend themselves and their loved ones with a less lethal product that is legal to carry almost everywhere.

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