When Not To Use Pepper Spray

Jan 27th 2017

When should you not use pepper spray?Pepper spray is an excellent self defense weapon when used properly, but there are times when pepper spray or any use of force should not be used. This video is on … read more

Why Do Officers Carry Pepper Spray And Taser's?

Jan 27th 2017

Did you ever wonder why officers carry pepper spray and Taser’s as part of their duty gear?In short…Because they work! I just came from a graduation at West Virginia University. My friend Kyle … read more

Pepper Spray Accidental Discharge

Jan 27th 2017

POLICE PEPPER SPRAY GOES OFF IN ARDMORE RESTAURANTNothing like a little hot pepper to go with your hot peppers!A seldom heard of, but not so uncommon thing happened on December 12th in Ardmore Oklahom … read more