Byrna Bad Guy Spray OC-CS 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with clips - 2 Pack

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DPS Black Label has been the only OC/CS combo spray we have carried. Recently I got a package deal from Byrna and acquired small batch of OC/CS Byrna Bad Guys Spray. This is a great deal as it is two 1/2 units with clips so they are easy to fit in your pocket or purse. Best part is you get 2 sprays for only $12.95. That is 1/2 off retail. 

Great item and limited quantities. 

It is 2% OC and 1%CS Blend.


Product Features:

  • Attacks the central nervous system, impairs vision, restricts breathing, and causes the nose to fill with mucus and skin to feel like it’s on fire – quickly incapacitates attacker
  • Effective range:12-15 ft
  • Attacker Tracker UV Dye lasts up to 48 hours for law enforcement and victim to identify the bad guy(s)
  • Oil-based
  • 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids
  • Each Byrna Bad Guy Repellent canister comes with an attachable clip for quick access on belts, backpacks, purse straps, etc.

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