Byrna LE Launcher Pepper Kit

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The Byrna® LE (Law Enforcement) Pepper Launcher is Byrna's most powerful less-lethal pistol available. Redesigned trigger and valve interface creates a super-smooth, super-light trigger pull. Velocity, accuracy, and capacity are all increased beyond the standard SD model thanks to a larger 12g gas cylinder.

Byrna Pepper Launcher systems are held like a handgun, aimed like a handgun, and fired like a handgun. But instead of bullets, the Byrna launches .68 caliber kinetic (hard plastic) or chemical projectiles designed to disable, disorient, and deter multiple targets across a wide variety of scenarios. Muzzle velocity of up to 340 FPS results in a flattened trajectory with an effective defensive range out to 80 ft. And in the chaos of an actual emergency, Byrna's chemical projectiles don't need to hit the target. Upon impact with any hard surface they release a cloud of irritant to indirectly affect those in range.

  • Super-charged 340 FPS muzzle velocity
  • Fires up to 35 rounds on 1 cylinder
  • Accurate out to 80 ft.
  • Upgraded with high-contrast white dot sights
  • Fires .68-cal. kinetic and/or chemical projectiles
  • 7-rd. magazine capacity
  • Powered by 12g CO2 gas cylinder
  • Glass-filed nylon grip with rubber overmold
  • Picatinny rail for accessories
  • Machined and assembled in USA

Complete Kit includes:

  • Byrna LE Pepper Launcher
  • (2) 7-round magazines
  • 5-count tube of Byrna Kinetic Projectiles
  • 5-count tube of Byrna Eco Kinetic Projectiles
  • 5-count tube of Byrna Pepper Projectiles
  • (2) 12g CO2 cylinders
  • Byrna EVA travel/storage case

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